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Voltage Comparator
Linear Technology Inc.

OBSOLETE PRODUCT Data Sheet For Reference Only. Please see the LT1011 for an Alternative Part. The LT111A ia an improved version of the LM111 general purpose comparator. These new devices offer maximum input offset voltage of 1.0mV and input offset current of 5.0nA with a maximum response time of 250ns. The LT111A operates from a single 5V supply to 15V supplies and can drive up to 50mA loads referred to ground or either supply. A separate output ground pin allows output signals to be isolated from analog ground. The versatility of the LT111A is enhanced by an input stage design which allows differential input signals of up to 30V. Offset balancing, strobe capability and the ability to "OR" the output is also included. These features plus LTC's advanced processing and reliability enhancements make the LT111A an ideal choice for most comparator applications. For higher performance requirements, see the LT1011. For operation up to 200C, see LT111X data sheet.
Click Here for Military Performance (JAN Class S) Datasheet - you will be directed to slash sheet at Defense Supply Center Columbus. OBSOLETE PRODUCT Data Sheet For Reference Only. Please see the LT1011 for an Alternative Part. Guaranteed Max Input Offset Voltage 1.0mV Guaranteed Max Input Offset Current 5nA Guaranteed Max Response Time 250nS Guaranteed Min. Voltage Gain 200,000 30V Differential Input Voltage Drives 50mA Loads At Up To 50V. 1/2 The Power Dissipation For LT111A/LT311A `

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