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600kHz/1.3MHz Step-up PWM DC/DC Converter
National Semiconductor

The LM2622 is a step-up DC/DC converter with a 1.6A, 0.2 internal switch and pin selectable operating frequency. With the ability to convert 3.3V to multiple outputs of 8V, -8V, and 23V, the LM2622 is an ideal part for biasing TFT displays. The LM2622 can be operated at switching frequencies of 600kHz and 1.3MHz allowing for easy filtering and low noise. An external compensation pin gives the user flexibility in setting frequency compensation, which makes possible the use of small, low ESR ceramic capacitors at the output. The LM2622 is available in a low profile 8-lead MSOP package.

???1.6A, 0.2, internal switch
???Operating voltage as low as 2.0V
???600kHz/1.3MHz pin selectable frequency operation
???Over temperature protection
???8-Lead MSOP package

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