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Dot/Bar Display Driver
National Semiconductor

The LM3916 is a monolithic integrated circuit that senses analog voltage levels and drives ten LEDs, LCDs or vacuum fluorescent displays, providing an electronic version of the popular VU meter. More...

???Fast responding electronic VU meter
???Drivers LEDs, LCDs, or vacuum fluorescents
???Bar or dot display mode externally selectable by user
???Expandable to displays of 70 dB
???Internal voltage reference from 1.2V to 12V
???Operates with single supply of 3V to 25V
???Inputs operate down to ground
???Output current programmable from 1 mA to 30 mA
???Input withstands 35V without damage or false outputs
???Outputs are current regulated, open collectors
???Directly drives TTL or CMOS
???The internal 10-step divider is floating and can be referenced to a wide range of voltages The LM3916 is rated for operation from 0C to +70C. The LM3916N-1 is available in an 18-lead molded DIP package.

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