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2.7V, SOT-23, 11- to 14- Bit Digital Temperature Sensor with 2-Wire Interface from the PowerWise? Family
National Semiconductor

The LM73 is an integrated, digital-output temperature sensor featuring an incremental Delta-Sigma ADC with a two-wire interface that is compatible with the SMBus and I2C? interfaces. The host can query the LM73 at any time to read temperature. Available in a 6-pin SOT-23 package, the LM73 occupies very little board area while operating over a wide temperature range (-40C to 150C) and providing 1.0C accuracy from -10C to 80C. The user can optimize between the conversion time and the sensitivity of the LM73 by programming it to report temperature in any of four different resolutions. Defaulting to 11-bit mode (0.25C/LSB), the LM73 measures temperature in a maximum time of 14 ms, making it ideal for applications that require temperature data very soon after power-up. In its maximum resolution, 14-bit mode (0.03125C/LSB), the LM73 is optimized to sense very small changes in temperature. A single multi-level address line selects one of three unique device addresses. An open-drain ALERT# output goes active when the temperature exceeds a programmable limit. Both the data and clock lines are filtered for excellent noise tolerance and reliable communication. Additionally, a time-out feature on the clock and data lines causes the LM73 to automatically reset these lines if either is held low for an extended time, thus exiting any bus lock-up condition without processor intervention.

???Single address pin offers choice of three selectable addresses per version for a total of six possible addresses.
???SMBus and I2C-compatible two-wire interface
???Supports 400 kHz operation
???Shutdown mode with one-shot feature available for very low average power consumption
???Programmable digital temperature resolution from 11 bits to 14 bits.
???Fast conversion rate ideal for quick power up and measuring rapidly changing temperature
???Open-drain ALERT# output pin goes active when temperature is above a programmed temperature limit
???Very stable, low-noise digital ouput.
???UL Recognized Component

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