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3A, 55V DMOS Full-Bridge Motor Driver
National Semiconductor

The LMD18245 full-bridge power amplifier incorporates all the circuit blocks required to drive and control current in a brushed type DC motor or one phase of a bipolar stepper motor. The multi-technology process used to build the device combines bipolar and CMOS control and protection circuitry with DMOS power switches on the same monolithic structure. The LMD18245 controls the motor current via a fixed off-time chopper technique. An all DMOS H-bridge power stage delivers continuous output currents up to 3A (6A peak) at supply voltages up to 55V. The DMOS power switches feature low RDS(ON) for high efficiency, and a diode intrinsic to the DMOS body structure eliminates the discrete diodes typically required to clamp bipolar power stages. An innovative current sensing method eliminates the power loss associated with a sense resistor in series with the motor. A four-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) provides a digital path for controlling the motor current, and, by extension, simplifies implementation of full, half and microstep stepper motor drives. For higher resolution applications, an external DAC can be used.

???DMOS power stage rated at 55V and 3A continuous
???Low RDS(ON) of typically 0.3 per power switch
???Internal clamp diodes
???Low-loss current sensing method
???Digital or analog control of motor current
???TTL and CMOS compatible inputs
???Thermal shutdown (outputs off) at TJ = 155C
???Overcurrent protection
???No shoot-through currents
???15-lead TO-220 molded power package

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