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Quad High Side Driver
National Semiconductor

The LMD18400 is a fully protected quad high side driver.

???Four independent outputs with >3A peak, 1A continuous current capability
???1.3 maximum ON resistance over temperature
???True instantaneous power limit for each switch
???High survival voltage (60 VDC, 80V transient)
???Shorted load (to ground and supply) protection
???Overvoltage shutdown at VCC > 35V
???LS TTL/CMOS compatible logic inputs and outputs
???<10 ?A supply current in "sleep" mode
???-5V output clamp for discharging inductive loads
???Serial data interface for 11 diagnostic checks:
???Switch ON/OFF status
???Open or shorted load
???Operating temperature
???Excessive supply voltage
???Two direct-output error flags

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