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100mA, Fixed or Adjustable, Low Power Low Dropout Voltage Regulator with Error Flag Output
ON Semiconductor Corp

The LP2950 and LP2951 are micropower voltage regulators that are specifically designed to maintain proper regulation with an extremely low input-to-output voltage differential. These devices feature a very low quiescent bias current of 75 ?A and are capable of supplying output currents in excess of 100 mA. Internal current and thermal limiting protection is provided.The LP2951 has three additional features. The first is the Errorbar Output that can be used to signal external circuitry of an out ofregulation condition, or as a microprocessor power-on reset. The second feature allows the output voltage to be preset to 5.0 V, 3.3 V or 3.0 V output (depending on the version) or programmed from 1.25 V to 29 V. It consists of a pinned out resistor divider along with direct access to the Error Amplifier feedback input. The third feature is a Shutdown input that allows a logic level signal to turn-off or turn-on the regulator output. Due to the low input-to-output voltage differential and bias current specifications, these devices are ideally suited for battery poweredcomputer, consumer, and industrial equipment where an extension ofuseful battery life is desirable. The LP2950 is available in the three pin case 29 and DPAK packages, and the LP2951 is available in the eight pin dual-in-line, SO-8 and Micro-8 surface mount packages.The 'A' suffix devices feature an initial output voltage tolerance +/-0.5%.
Low Quiescent Bias Current of 75 mA Low Input-to-Output Voltage Differential of 50 mV at 100 mA and 380 mV at 100 mA 5.0 V, 3.3 V or 3.0 V +/- 0.5% Allows Use as a Regulator or Reference Extremely Tight Line and Load Regulation Requires Only a 1.0 mF Output Capacitor for Stability Internal Current and Thermal Limiting LP2951 also has Error(bar) Output Signals an Out of Regulation Condition LP2951 also has Output Programmable from 1.25 V to 29 V LP2951 also has Logic Level Shutdown Input Pb-Free Packages are Available

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