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2.5V Reference
Linear Technology Inc.

The LT1009 is a precision trimmed 2.5V shunt regulator diode featuring a maximum initial tolerance of only 5mV. The low dynamic impedance and wide operating current range enhances its versatility. The 0.2% reference tolerance is achieved by on-chip trimming which not only minimizes the initial voltage tolerance but also minimizes the temperature drift. Even though no adjustments are needed with the LT1009, a third terminal allows the reference voltage to be adjusted 5% to calibrate out system errors. In many applications, the LT1009 can be used as a pin-to-pin replacement of the LM136 and the external trim network eliminated. For a lower drift 2.5V reference, see the LT1019 data sheet.
Click Here for Military Performance (JAN Class S) Datasheet - you will be directed to slash sheet at Defense Supply Center Columbus. Maximum Initial Tolerance: 0.2% Guaranteed Temperature Stability Maximum 0.6 Ohm Dynamic Impedance Wide Operating Current Range Directly Interchangeable with LM136 for Improved Performance No Adjustments Needed for Minimum Temperature Coefficient Available in 8-Lead SO and MSOP Packages and 3-Lead TO-92 Package

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