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Precision 10 Volt Reference
Linear Technology Inc.

The LT?1031 is a precision 10V reference with ultralow drift and noise, extremely good long term stability, and almost total immunity to input voltage variations. The reference output will both source and sink up to 10mA and can be used as a shunt regulator (two terminal Zener) with the same precision characteristics as the three terminal connection. Special care has been taken to minimize thermal regulation effects and temperature induced hysteresis. The LT1031 reference is based on a buried Zener diode structure which eliminates noise and stability problems associated with surface breakdown devices. Further, a subsurface Zener exhibits better temperature drift and time stability than even the best band-gap references. Unique circuit design makes the LT1031 the first three terminal IC reference to offer ultralow drift without the use of high power on-chip heaters. Output voltage is pretrimmed to 0.05% accuracy. The LT1031 can be used as a plug-in replacement for the AD581 and LH0070*, with improved electrical and thermal performance.
Click Here for Military Performance DESC Drawings - you will be directed to slash sheet at Defense Supply Center Columbus. Pin Compatible with LH0070 and AD581* Ultra Low Drift-5ppm/C Max Slope Trimmed Output Voltage Operates in Series or Shunt Mode Output Sinks and Sources in Series Mode Very Low Noise <1ppm p-p 0.1Hz to 10Hz >100dB Ripple Rejection Minimum input Voltage of 11V

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