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Dual Low Power Precision, Picoamp Input Op Amps
Linear Technology Inc.

The LT1112 dual and LT1114 quad op amps achieve a new standard in combining low cost and outstanding precision specifications. The performance of the selected prime grades matches or exceeds competitive devices. In the design of the LT1112/ LT1114 however, particular emphasis has been placed on optimizing performance in the low cost plastic and SO packages. For example, the 75?V maximum offset voltage in these low cost packages is the lowest on any dual or quad non-chopper op amp. The LT1112/LT1114 also provide a full set of matching specifications, facilitating their use in such matching dependent applications as two and three op amp instrumentation amplifiers. Another set of specifications is furnished at 1V supplies. This, combined with the low 320?A supply current per amplifier, allows the LT1112/LT1114 to be powered by two nearly discharged AA cells. Protected by U.S. Patents 4,575,685; 4,775,884 and 4,837,496
Offset Voltage C Prime Grade: 60?V Max Offset Voltage C Low Cost Grade (Including Surface Mount Dual/Quad): 75?V Max Offset Voltage Drift: 0.5?V/C Max Input Bias Current: 250pA Max 0.1Hz to 10Hz Noise: 0.3?VP-P, 2.2pAP-P Supply Current per Amplifier: 400?A Max CMRR: 120dB Min Voltage Gain: 1 Million Min Guaranteed Specs with 1.0V Supplies Guaranteed Matching Specifications SO-8 Package C Standard Pinout LT1114 in Narrow Surface Mount Package

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