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620MHz - 1100MHz High Linearity Direct Quadrature Modulator
Linear Technology Inc.

The LT5571 is a direct I/Q modulator designed for high performance wireless applications, including wireless infrastructure. It allows direct modulation of an RF signal using differential baseband I and Q signals. It supports RFID, GSM, EDGE, CDMA, CDMA2000, and other systems. It may also be confi gured as an image reject upconverting mixer by applying 90∼ phase-shifted signals to the I and Q inputs. The high impedance I/Q baseband inputs consist of voltage-to-current converters that in turn drive double-balanced mixers. The outputs of these mixers are summed and applied to an on-chip RF transformer, which converts the differential mixer signals to a 50次 single-ended output. The four balanced I and Q baseband input ports are intended for DC-coupling from a source with a common-mode voltage at about 0.5V. The LO path consists of an LO buffer with single-ended input, and precision quadrature generators that produce the LO drive for the mixers. The supply voltage range is 4.5V to 5.25V.
Direct Conversion from Baseband to RF High Output: 每4.2dB Conversion Gain High OIP3: 21.7dBm at 900MHz Low Output Noise Floor at 20MHz Offset:No RF: 每159dBm/HzPOUT = 4dBm: 每153.3dBm/Hz Low Carrier Leakage: 每42dBm at 900MHz High Image Rejection: 每53dBc at 900MHz 3-Ch CDMA2000 ACPR: 每70.4dBc at 900MHz Integrated LO Buffer and LO Quadrature Phase Generator 50次 AC-Coupled Single-Ended LO and RF Ports High Impedance DC Interface to Baseband Input with 0.5V Common Mode Voltage 16-Lead QFN 4mm ℅ 4mm Package

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