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Tiny Micropower Precision Series References in 2mm x 2mm DFN
Linear Technology Inc.

The LT6660 is a family of micropower series references that combine high accuracy and low drift with low power dissipation and extremely small package size. These series references use curvature compensation to obtain low temperature coefficient, and laser trimmed precision thin-film resistors to achieve high output accuracy. The LT6660 will supply up to 20mA with excellent line regulation characteristics, making it ideal for precision regulator applications. The LT6660 family of series references provide supply current and power dissipation advantages over shunt references that must idle the entire load current to operate. Additionally, the LT6660 does not require an output compensation capacitor. This feature is important in applications where PC board space is a premium, fast settling is demanded, or total capacitance must be kept to a minimum, as in intrinsic safety applications. Reverse-battery protection keeps these references from conducting reverse current.
No Output Capacitor Required Low Drift: 20ppm/C Max High Accuracy: 0.2% Max Low Supply Current 20mA Output Current Guaranteed Reverse-Battery Protection Low IR Reflow Induced Stress: 0.02% Typ Voltage Options: 2.5V, 3V, 3.3V, 5V and 10V Space-Saving Alternative to the LT1460 3-Lead 2mm 2mm 0.75mm DFN Package

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