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Switched Capacitor Voltage Converter
Linear Technology Inc.

The LTC1044 provides several voltage conversion functions: the input voltage can be inverted (VOUT=-VIN), doubled (VOUT=2 VIN), divided (VOUT=VIN/2) or multiplied (VOUT=nVIN). Designed to be pin-for-pin and functionally compatible with the popular 7660, the LTC1044 provides significant features and improvements over earlier 7660 designs. These improvements include: full 1.5V to 9V supply operation over the entire operating temperature range, without the need for external protection diodes; 21/2 times lower quiescent current for greater power conversion efficiency; and a "boost" function which is available to raise the internal oscillator frequency to optimize performance in specific applications. Although the LTC1044 provides significant design and performance advantages over the earlier 7660 device, it still maintains its compatibility with existing 7660 designs.
Plug-In Compatible with 7660 with These Additional : Guaranteed Operation to 9V, with No External Diode, Over Full Temperature Range Boost Pin (Pin 1) for Higher Switching Frequency Lower Quiescent Power Efficient Voltage Doubler 200?A Max. No Load Supply Current at 5V 97% Min. Open Circuit Voltage Conversion Efficiency 95% Min. Power Conversion Efficiency Wide Operating Supply Voltage Range, 1.5V to 9V Easy to Use Commercial Device Guaranteed Over -40C to 85C Temperature Range

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