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Universal Dual Filter Building Block
Linear Technology Inc.

The LTC?1060 consists of two high performance, switched capacitor filters. Each filter, together with 2 to 5 resistors, can produce various 2nd order filter functions such as lowpass, bandpass, highpass notch and allpass. The center frequency of these functions can be tuned by an external clock or by an external clock and resistor ratio. Up to 4th order full biquadratic functions can be achieved by cascading the two filter blocks. Any of the classical filter configurations (like Butterworth, Chebyshev, Bessel, Cauer) can be formed. The LTC1060 operates with either a single or dual supply from 2.37V to 8V. When used with low supply (i.e. single 5V supply), the filter typically consumes 12mW and can operate with center frequencies up to 10kHz. With 5V supply, the frequency range extends to 30kHz and very high Q values can also be obtained. The LTC1060 is manufactured by using Linear Technology?s enhanced LTCMOS? silicon gate process. Because of this, low offsets, high dynamic range, high center frequency Q product and excellent temperature stability are obtained. The LTC1060 is pinout compatible with MF10.
Guaranteed Filter Specification for 2.37V and 5V Supply Operates up to 30kHz Low Power and 88dB Dynamic Range at 2.5V Supply Center Frequency Q Product up to 1.6MHz Guaranteed Offset Voltages Guaranteed Clock to Center Frequency Accuracy over Temperature0.3% for LTC1060A0.8% for LTC1060 Guaranteed Q Accuracy Over Temperature Low Temperature Coefficient of Q and Center Frequency Low Crosstalk, 70dB Clock Inputs TTL and CMOS Compatible

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