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DC Accurate, Clock-Tunable 5th Order Butterworth Lowpass Filter
Linear Technology Inc.

The filter cutoff frequency is controlled either by an internal or external clock.The clock-to-cut off frequency ratio is 100:1. The on-board clock is power supply independent, and it is programmed via an external RC. The 50?VRMS clock feed through is considerably reduced over existing monolithic filters. The LTC1063 wideband noise is 95?VRMS, and it can process large AC input signals with low distortion. With 7.5V supplies, for instance, the filter handles up to 4VRMS (92dB S/N ratio) while the standard 1kHz THD is below 0.02%; 80dB dynamic ranges (S/N +THD) is ob-tained with input levels between 1VRMS and 2.3VRMS. The LTC1063 is available in 8-pin miniDIP and 16-pin SO wide packages. For a linear phase response, see LTC1065 data sheet.
Clock-Tunable Cutoff Frequency 1mV DC Offset (Typical) 80dB CMRR (Typical) Internal or External Clock 50mVRMS Clock Feedthrough 100:1 Clock-to-Cutoff Frequency Ratio 95?VRMS Total Wideband Noise 0.01% THD at 2VRMS Output Level 50kHz Maximum Cutoff Frequency Cascadable for Faster Roll-Off Operates from 2.375 to 8V Power Supplies Self-Clocking with 1 RC Available in 8-Pin DIP and 16-Pin SO Wide Packages

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