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8-Bit, SO-8, 1MSPS ADCs with Auto-Shutdown Options
Linear Technology Inc.

The LTC1196/LTC1198 are 600ns, 8-bit A/D converters with sampling rates up to 1MHz. They are offered in 8-pin SO packages and operate on 3V to 6V supplies. Power dissipation is only 10mW with a 3V supply or 50mW with a 5V supply. The LTC1198 automatically powers down to a typical supply current of 1nA whenever it is not performing conversions. These 8-bit switched-capacitor successive approximation ADCs include sample-and-holds. The LTC1196 has a differential analog input; the LTC1198 offers a software selectable 2-channel MUX. The 3-wire serial I/O, SO-8 packages, 3V operation and extremely high sample rate-to-power ratio make these ADCs an ideal choice for compact, high speed systems. These ADCs can be used in ratiometric applications or with external references. The high impedance analog inputs and the ability to operate with reduced spans below 1V full scale (LTC1196) allow direct connection to signal sources in many applications, eliminating the need for gain stages. The A grade devices are specified with total unadjusted error of 1/2LSB maximum over temperature.
High Sampling Rates: 1MHz (LTC1196) 750kHz (LTC1198) Low Cost Single Supply 3V and 5V Speci?cations Low Power: 10mW at 3V Supply 50mW at 5V Supply Auto-Shutdown: 1nA Typical (LTC1198) 1/2LSB Total Unadjusted Error over Temperature 3-Wire Serial I/O 1V to 5V Input Span Range (LTC1196) Converts 1MHz Inputs to 7 Effective Bits Differential Inputs (LTC1196) 2-Channel MUX (LTC1198) SO-8 Plastic Package

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