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10-Bit, 500ksps ADCs in MSOP with Auto Shutdown
Linear Technology Inc.

The LTC?1197/LTC1197L/LTC1199/LTC1199L are 10-bit A/D converters with sampling rates up to 500kHz. They have 2.7V (L) and 5V versions and are offered in 8-pin MSOP and SO packages. Power dissipation is typically only 2.2mW at 2.7V (25mW at 5V) during full speed operation. The automatic power down reduces supply current linearly as sample rate is reduced. These 10-bit, switched-capacitor, successive approximation ADCs include a sample-and-hold. The LTC1197/LTC1197L have a differential analog input with an adjustable reference pin. The LTC1199/LTC1199L offer a software-selectable 2-channel MUX. The 3-wire serial I/O, MSOP and SO-8 packages, 2.7V operation and extremely high sample rate-to-power ration make these ADCs ideal choices for compact, low power high speed systems. These circuits can be used in ratiometric applications or with external references. The high impedance analog inputs and the ability to operate with reduced spans below 1V full scale (LTC1197/LTC1197L) allow direct connection to signal sources in may applications, eliminating the need for gain stages.
8-Pin MSOP and SO Packages10-Bit Resolution at 500kspsSingle Supply: 5V or 3VLow Power at Full Speed: 25mW Typ at 5V 2.2mW Typ at 2.7VAuto Shutdown Reduces Power Linearly at Lower Sample Rates10-Bit Upgrade to 8-Bit LTC1196/LTC1198SPI and MICROWIRETM Compatible Serial I/OLow Cost

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