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Dual 24V High-Side MOSFET Driver
Linear Technology Inc.

The LTC1255 dual high-side driver allows using low cost N-channel FETs for high-side industrial and automotive switching applications. An internal charge pump boosts the gate drive voltage above the positive rail, fully enhancing an N-channel MOS switch with no external components. Low power operation, with 12?A standby current, allows use in virtually all systems with maximum efficiency. Included on-chip is independent overcurrent sensing to provide automatic shutdown in case of short circuits. A time delay can be added to the current sense to prevent false triggering on high in-rush current loads. The LTC1255 operates from 9V to 24V supplies and is well suited for industrial and automotive applications. The LTC1255 is available in both an 8-pin DIP and an 8-pin SOIC.
Fully Enhances N-Channel Power MOSFETs12?A Standby CurrentOperates at Supply Voltages from 9V to 24VShort Circuit ProtectionEasily Protected Against Supply TransientsControlled Switching ON and OFF TimesNo External Charge Pump ComponentsCompatible With Standard Logic FamiliesAvailable in 8-Pin SOIC

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