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3.3V Micropower EIA/TIA-562 Transceiver
Linear Technology Inc.

Please download the following Change Notice concerning SOIC, PDIP and CERDIP Wide Body Packages. sntopm.pdf The LTC1327 is an advanced low power, three-driver/five-receiver EIA/TIA-562 transceiver. In the no load condition, the supply current is only 300?A. The charge pump only requires four 0.1?F capacitors. In SHUTDOWN mode, the supply current is further reduced to 0.2?A. All EIA/TIA-562 outputs assume a high impedance state in SHUTDOWN and with the power off. The LTC1327 is fully compliant with all data rate and overvoltage EIA/TIA-562 specifications. The transceiver can operate up to 120k Baud with a 1000pF//3kohms load. Both driver outputs and receiver inputs can be forced to ?25V without damage, and can survive multiple 10kV ESD strikes.
Low Supply Current 300?A 0.2?A Supply Current in SHUTDOWN ESD Protection 10kV Operates From a Single 3.3V Supply Uses Small Capacitors Operates To 120k Baud Three-State Outputs are High Impedance When Off Output Overvoltage Does Not Force Current Back Into Supplies EIA/TIA-562 I/O Lines Can Be Forced to 25V Without Damage Flowthrough Architecture Disclaimer: Linear Technology cannot assume responsibility for use of any circuitry other than circuitry entirely embodied in a Linear Technology product. No circuit patent licenses are implied. Linear Technology reserves the right to change the circuitry and specifications without notice at any time.

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