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Quad UV/OV Positive/Negative Voltage Monitor
Linear Technology Inc.

The LTC2914 is a quad input voltage monitor intended for monitoring multiple voltages in a variety of applications. Dual inputs for each monitored voltage allow monitoring four separate undervoltage (UV) conditions and four separate overvoltage (OV) conditions. All monitors share a common undervoltage output and a common overvoltage output. The LTC2914-1 has latching capability for the overvoltage output. The LTC2914-2 has functionality to disable both the overvoltage and undervoltage outputs. Polarity selection and a buffered reference allow monitoring up to two separate negative voltages. A three-state input pin allows setting the polarity of two inputs without requiring any external components. Glitch ? ltering ensures reliable reset operation without false or noisy triggering. The LTC2914 provides a precise, versatile, space-conscious, micropower solution for voltage monitoring.
Monitors Four Voltages Simultaneously Adjustable UV and OV Trip Values Guaranteed Threshold Accuracy: 1.5% of Monitored Voltage over Temperature Input Glitch Rejection Monitors up to Two Negative Voltages Buffered 1V Reference Output Adjustable Reset Timeout with Timeout Disable 62?A Quiescent Current Open-Drain OV and UV Outputs Guaranteed OV and UV for VCC 1V Available in 16-Lead SSOP and 16-Lead (5mm 3mm) DFN Packages

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