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Smart Battery Charger Controller
Linear Technology Inc.

The LTC4101 Smart Battery Charger is a single chip charging solution that dramatically simplifies construction of an SBS compliant system. The LTC4101 implements a Level 2 charger function whereby the charger can be programmed by the battery or by the host. A SafetySignal on the battery being charged is monitored for temperature, connectivity and battery type information. The SMBus interface remains alive when the AC power adapter is removed and responds to all SMBus activity directed to it, including SafetySignal status (via the ChargerStatus command). The charger also provides an interrupt to the host whenever a status change is detected (e.g., battery removal, AC adapter connection). Charging current and voltage are restricted to chemistryspecific limits for improved system safety and reliability. Limits are programmable by two external resistors. Additionally, the maximum average current from the AC adapter is programmable to avoid overloading the adapter when simultaneously supplying load current and charging current. When supplying system load current, charging current is automatically reduced to prevent adapter overload.
Single Chip Smart Battery Charger Controller 100% Compliant (Rev. 1.1) SMBus Support Allows for Operation with or without Host Up to 4A Charging Current Capability High Efficiency Synchronous Buck Charger VBAT Optimized 3V to 5.5V SMBus Accelerator Improves SMBus Timing Hardware Interrupt and SMBAlert Response Eliminate Interrupt Polling 0.5V Dropout Voltage; Maximum Duty Cycle > 98% AC Adapter Current Limit Maximizes Charge Rate 0.8% Voltage Accuracy; 4% Current Accuracy 10-Bit DAC for Charge Current Programming 11-Bit DAC for Charger Voltage Programming User-Selectable Overvoltage and Overcurrent Limits High Noise Immunity SafetySignal Sensor Available in a 24-Pin SSOP Package

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