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600MHz to 7GHz Precision RF Detector with Fast Comparator Output
Linear Technology Inc.

The LTC?5536 is an RF power detector for RF applications operating in the 600MHz to 7GHz range. A temperature compensated Schottky diode peak detector and fast comparator are combined in a small ThinSOTTM package. The supply voltage range is optimized for operation from a single cell lithium-ion or three cell NiMH battery. The RF input voltage is peak detected using an on-chip Schottky diode. The detected voltage is compared against a reference voltage at VM. The response time from the RF input to VOUT can be as little as 20ns. The comparator output is latched when LEN is high or is transparent when LEN is low. The LTC5536 operates with RF input power levels from C26dBm to 12dBm.
Temperature Compensated Internal Schottky Diode RF Detector Wide Input Frequency Range: 600MHz to 7GHz* Wide Input Power Range: C26dBm to 12dBm Fast Comparator Output with Latch Enable 25ns Response Time with 0dBm RF Input Level Rail-to-Rail Output Swing Comparator Output Current: 20mA Wide VCC Range of 2.7V to 5.5V Low Operating Current: 2mA Available in a Low Profile (1mm) SOT-23 Package

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