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Digital DC/DC Controller with PMBus Interface
Linear Technology Inc.

The LTC7510 is a digital DC/DC controller with onboard non-volatile memory and PMBus interface for real time reporting and control of point-of-load (POL) power management. Power supply sequencing, margining, turn-on/-off and fault detection are easily programmed via the PMBus interface. The LTC7510 uses a digital control loop which eliminates external compensation components. The controller supports current sharing of multiple ICs; up to four controllers can be synchronized for multiphase operation. The LTC7510 provides superior accuracy through internal calibration to correct current sense error sources upon start-up and programmable temperature compensation provides accurate current sensing over temperature. The LTC7510 is available in a 32-lead (5mm x 5mm) QFN package.
PMBus Serial Interface for Programming and Telemetry Digital PID Control Loop Output Voltage Range: 0.7V to VCC -0.9V Optional Resistor-Based PMBus Address, Output Voltage, Frequency and Current Limit Set 150kHz to 2MHz Switching Frequency DCR Current Sense with Temperature Compensation Adjustable Active Voltage Positioning (AVP) Control On-Chip Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) for Con?guration Storage Soft-Start Into Pre-Biased Load Current Sharing 32-Lead (5mm x 5mm) QFN Package

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