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Power 8A 150V PLA NPN
ON Semiconductor Corp

Product Description ...designed for use as high-frequency drivers in audio amplifiers.
DC Current Gain Specified to 4.0 AmpereshFE = 40 (Min) @ IC = 3.0 AdchFE = 20 (Min) @ IC = 4.0 Adc Collector-Emitter Sustaining Voltage - VCEO(sus) = 120 Vdc (Min) MJE15028, MJE15029VCEO(sus) = 150 Vdc (Min) - MJE15030, MJE15031 High Current Gain - Bandwidth ProductfT = 30 MHz (Min) @ IC = 500 mAdc TO-220AB Compact Package Pb-Free Packages are Available

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