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Thyristor Surge Protector 80A 310V
ON Semiconductor Corp

Product Description High Voltage Bidirectional (TSPD) These Thyristor Surge Protective devices (TSPD) prevent overvoltage damage to sensitive circuits by lightning, induction and power line crossings. They are breakover-triggered crowbar protectors. Turn-off occurs when the surge current falls below the holding current value. Secondary protection applications for electronic telecom equipment at customer premises.
High Surge Current Capability: 80 Amps 10x1000 uSec, for Controlled Temperature Environments. This device is used to help equipment meet various regulatory requirements including: Bellcore 1089, ITU K.20 & K.21, IEC 950, UL 1459 & 1950 and FCC Part 68. Bidirectional Protection in a Single Device. Little Change of Voltage Limit with Transient Amplitude or Rate. Freedom from Wearout Mechanisms Present in Non-Semiconductor Devices. Fail-Safe, Shorts When Overstressed, Preventing Continued Unprotected Operation. Surface Mount Technology (SMT). UL Recognized - File #E210057 Device Marking: MMT08B310T3: RPCJ

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