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Low Profile Overvoltage Protection IC with Integrated MOSFET
ON Semiconductor Corp

This device represents a new level of safety and integration by combining the NCP345 overvoltage protection circuit (OVP) with a 30 V P-Channel Power MOSFET. It is specifically designed to protect sensitive electronic circuitry from overvoltage transients and power supply faults. During such hazardous events, the IC quickly disconnects the input supply from the load, thus protecting the load before any damage can occur. The OVP IC is optimized for applications that use an external AC-DC adapter or a car accessory charger to power a portable product or recharge its internal batteries. It has a nominal overvoltage threshold of 6.85 V which makes them ideal for single cell Li-Ion as well 3/4 cell NiCD/NiMH applications.
Overvoltage Turn-Off Time of Less Than 1.0 ?s Provides Battery Protection -30 V Integrated P-Channel Power MOSFET Integrated Solution Offers Cost and Space Savings and Improves System Reliability Accurate Voltage Threshold of 6.85 V, Nominal Undervoltage Lockout Protection; 2.8 V, Nominal High Accuracy Undervoltage Threshold of 2.0 % Low RDS(on) = 75 m @ -4.5 V Low Profile 0.55 mm height, 2.5x3.0 mm LLGA package Suitable for Portable Applications Maximum Solder Reflow Temperature @ 260C This device is manufacured with a Pb-Free external lead finish only.

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