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11.3 GBPS Differential VCSEL Driver (Rev. A)
Texas Instruments

The ONET1191V is a high-speed, 3.3-V laser driver designed to directly modulate VCSELs at data rates up to 11.3 Gbps. The device provides a two-wire serial interface which allows digital control of the modulation and bias currents, eliminating the need for external components. An optional input equalizer can be used for equalization of up to 300 mm (12 inches) of microstrip or stripline transmission line on FR4 printed-circuit boards. The ONET1191V includes an integrated automatic power-control (APC) loop as well as circuitry to support laser safety and transceiver management systems. The VCSEL driver is characterized for operation from -40C to 85C ambient temperatures and is available in a small-footprint, 4-mm 4-mm, 20-pin QFN package.
Up to 11.3-Gbps OperationTwo-Wire Digital InterfaceDigitally Selectable Modulation Current up to 40 mADigitally Selectable Bias Current up to 20 mAAutomatic Power Control (APC) LoopSupports Transceiver Management System (TMS)Programmable Input EqualizerIncludes Laser Safety FeaturesAnalog Temperature Sensor OutputSingle 3.3-V SupplyOperating Temperature -40C to 85CSurface-Mount, Small-Footprint, 4-mm 4-mm, 20-Pin QFN PackageAPPLICATIONS10-Gigabit Ethernet Optical Transmitters8 and 10 Fibre Channel Optical TransmittersSONET OC-192/SDH STM-64 Optical TransmittersXFP and SFP+ Transceiver ModulesXENPAK, XPAK, X2, and 300-Pin MSA Transponder Modules

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