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10.7 GBPS Limiting Amplifier (Rev. A)
Texas Instruments

The ONET9901PA is a versatile high-speed limiting amplifier for multiple fiber optic applications with data rates up to 10.7 Gbps. This device provides a typical gain of about 42 dB, which ensures a fully differential output swing for input signals as low as 2 mVp-p. The high input signal dynamic range ensures low jitter output signals, even when overdriven with input signal swings as high as 1200 mVp-p. The ONET9901PA comprises an adjustable loss of signals detection. The threshold voltage can be defined by means of an external resistor. The ONET9901PA is available in a small footprint 4 mm 4 mm, 20-pin QFN package. The ONET9901PA is a power efficient limiting amplifier with power dissipation as low as 116 mW typical from a single 3.3-V supply. The part is characterized for operation from 0C to 85C.
10.7-Gbps Operation 116-mW Power Consumption Input Offset Cancellation High Input Dynamic Range Output Disable CML Data Outputs 2-mVp-p Input Sensitivity Loss of Signal Detection Single 3.3-V Supply Surface Mount Small Footprint 4 mm 4 mm, 20-Pin QFN Package applications SONET/SDH Transmission Systems at OC-192 10-Gbps Fibre Channel Receivers 10-Gbps Ethernet Receivers

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