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3-Ch RGBHV Video Buffer w/I2C Control (Rev. A)
Texas Instruments

Fabricated using the new complimentary silicon-germanium (SiGe) BiCom-III process, the THS7327 is a low-power, single-supply 2.7-V to 5-V, 3-channel integrated video buffer with H and V Sync signal paths. It incorporates a selectable 5th order Butterworth anti-aliasing filter on each channel. The 9-MHz is a perfect choice for SDTV video including composite, S-Video?, and 480i/576i. The 16-MHz filter is ideal for EDTV 480p/576p, and VGA signals. The 35-MHz filter is useful for HDTV 720p/1080i, and SVGA signals. The 75-MHz filter is ideal for HDTV 1080p and XGA/SXGA signals. For UXGA/QXGA R?G?B? signals, the filter can be bypassed allowing a 500-MHz bandwidth, 1150-V/?s amplifier to buffer the signal.Each channel of the THS7327 is individually I2C configurable for all functions including controlling the 2:1 input MUX. Its rail-to-rail output stage allows for both ac and dc coupling applications. The monitor pass-thru path allows for passing the input signal, with no filtering, on to other systems. This path has a 6-dB Gain, 500-MHz bandwidth, 1300V/?s slewrate, SAG correction capability, and a high output impedance while disabled to add to the flexibility of the THS7327. As part of the THS7327?s flexibility, the input can be selected for ac or dc coupled inputs. The ac-coupled modes include a sync-tip clamp option for CVBS/Y?/G?B?R? with sync or a fixed bias for the C?/P?B/P?R/R?G?B? channels without sync. The dc input options include a dc input or a dc+Offset shift to allow for a full sync dynamic range at the output with 0-V input. The THS7327 is available in a RoHS Compliant TQFP package.
3-Video Amplifiers for CVBS, S-Video, SD/ED/HD Y'P'BP'R, G'B'R', and R'G'B' VideoHV Sync Paths With Adj. Schmitt Trigger2:1 Input MUXI2C? Control of All FunctionsIntegrated Low-Pass Filters on ADC Buffers5th Order Butterworth CharacteristicsSelectable Corner Frequencies of 9-MHz, 16-MHz, 35-MHz, and 75-MHz with Bypass (500-MHz)Selectable Input Bias ModesAC-Coupled with Sync-Tip ClampAC-Coupled with BiasDC-Coupled with Offset ShiftDC-Coupled Monitor Pass-Thru Function:Passes the Input Signal With no Filtering500-MHz BW and 1300 V/?s Slew Rate6-dB Gain With SAG Correction CapableHigh Output Impedance in Disable State2.7-V to 5-V Single Supply OperationLow 330 mW at 3.3-V Power ConsumptionDisable Function Reduces Current to <1 ?ARail-to-Rail Output:Output Swings Within 0.1 V From the Rails Which Allows AC or DC Output CouplingRoHS TQFP PackageAPPLICATIONSProjectorsProfessional Video SystemsLCD/DLP/LOCS Input Buffering PowerPAD is a trademark of Texas Instruments. S-Video is a trademark of its respective owner. I2C is a trademark of Philips Electronics.

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