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Differential High-Frequency Amplifier With AGC (Rev. A)
Texas Instruments

This device is a monolithic two-stage high-frequency amplifier with differential inputs and outputs. Internal feedback provides wide bandwidth, low phase distortion, and excellent gain stability. Variable gain based on signal summation provides large AGC control over a wide bandwidth with low harmonic distortion. Emitter-follower outputs enable the device to drive capacitive loads. All stages are current-source biased to obtain high common-mode and supply-voltage rejection ratios. The gain may be electronically attenuated by applying a control voltage to the AGC pin. No external compensation components are required. This device is particularly useful in TV and radio IF and RF AGC circuits, as well as magnetic-tape and disk-file systems where AGC is needed. Other applications include video and pulse amplifiers where a large AGC range, wide bandwidth, low phase shift, and excellent gain stability are required. The TL026C is characterized for operation from 0C to 70C.
Low Output Common-Mode Sensitivity to AGC Voltages Input and Output Impedances Independent of AGC Voltage Peak Gain . . . 38 dB Typ Wide AGC Range . . . 50 dB Typ 3-dB Bandwidth . . . 50 MHz Other Characteristics Similar to NE592 and uA733

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