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Three-Phase Brushless Motor RPM Controller
Texas Instruments

The TPIC43T01/02 is a monolithic motor control integrated circuit designed to provide RPM control to a 3-phase brushless dc motor. The device provides two analog sensor input ports which include a speed sensor interface and a Hall effect position interface. The speed feedback interface consists of an FG amplifier to receive an external sinusoidal signal from a variable reluctance pickup and convert it to a digital speed signal for the control circuit. When the motor speed is outside a 5% window of the reference signal, an out-of-lock condition is declared. The Hall ffect sensor input section receives low-level differential voltages from external naked Hall elements and converts them to digital position reference signals for the control circuit for commutation control. The core of the control circuit implements a digital signal processing algorithm consisting of a digital integrator and filter with user adjustable parameters to optimize the closed loop performance of the control system. The device contains an internal EEPROM to set integrator gain and digital filter coefficients. In addition, Texas Instruments provides a PC based WindowsTM compatible software package to input the motor and system characteristics and convert them to control parameters for the TPIC43T01/02. The software generates a JEDEC compatible file to program the device through a third party device programmer. The TPIC43T01/02 provides pre-drive outputs to control six external N-channel FET switches connected in a 3-half H-bridge configuration to drive a 3-phase dc motor. A companion TI Power+ ArraysTM device is available, the TPIC1310 3-half H-bridge power array, to provide up to 2.5 A motor drive capability. The TPIC1310 is a monolithic gate protected DMOS power array available in the TI 15-pin PowerFLEXTM power package. The TPIC43T01/02 gate drive outputs are designed to also drive discrete N-channel power FETs. The TPIC43T01/02 provides onboard supervisory and shutdown logic to protect the device and motor from fault conditions. Oscillators, charge pump, and voltage regulators have been integrated into the TPIC43T01/02 to minimize the number of external discrete components required to support the motor system.
Precision Phase Lock Loop Motor - RPM Control With Embedded DSP Filter Algorithm for Loop Compensation EEPROM Registers for User Adjustment of PLL Loop Gain and DSP Filter Coefficients (Pole/Zero) Crystal Oscillator With EEPROM Adjustable Divide-By for Versatile PLL Timebase Standalone Operation With No Host Processor Needed RPM Lock Detection/Reporting (5% Window) Synchronous Rectification, Enabled (TPIC43T01) Disabled (TPIC43T02) Stalled Motor Timer/Shutdown High-Side Current Limiting High-Side Over-Current Shutdown Differential Hall Effect Position Sensor Inputs/Decode Provide Commutation Control Differential Variable Reluctance Speed Sensor Inputs Gate Drive for Six External N-Channel Power FETs in Three Half-H Configuration Charge Pump to Develop High-Side Gate Drive Voltage 5 V Regulator - Designed for 10 mA External Current 8 to 28 V Supply Voltage Small Outline Surface-Mount Package Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Power+ Arrays and PowerFLEX are trademarks of Texas Instruments Incorporated.

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