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3.3-GHz to 3.8-GHz 1-W Power Amplifier (Rev. C)
Texas Instruments

The TRF1223 is a highly integrated linear transmitter / power amplifier (PA) MMIC. The chip has two 16-dB gain steps that provide a total of 32-dB gain control via 1-bit TTL control signals. The chip also integrates a TTL mute function that turns off the amplifiers for power critical or TDD applications. A temperature compensated detector is included for output power monitor or ALC applications. The chip has a P1dB of +30 dBm and a third order intercept of +45 dBm. The TRF1223 is designed to function as a part of Texas Instruments complete 3.5-GHz chip set. The TRF1223 is the output power amplifier or a driver amplifier for higher power applications. The linear nature of the transmitter makes it ideal for complex modulations schemes such as high order QAM or OFDM.
1 W P-1dB Linear, 30-dB Gain TransmitterOperates Over the 3300-MHz to 3800-MHz RangeTwo TTL Controlled, 1-Bit, 16-dB Gain Steps for 32 dB of Total Gain ControlSuperior Linearity (+45 dBm IP3) Over the Entire Frequency Range Auto-Bias Design With PA Enable Temperature Compensated Directional Coupler DetectorLow Power Bias ModeInternally Matched 50- Input and Output

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