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High-Power Dual-Band (2.4-GHz to 2.5-GHz and 4.9-GHz to 5.9-GHz) RF Front End (Rev. C)
Texas Instruments

The TRF2436 is a fully integrated Dual Band Tri Mode Radio Frequency Front End (RFFE) designed specifically for use in 802.16 d/e applications. The TRF2436 is designed to perform RF up and down conversions in the unlicensed ISM and 4.9-5.9 GHz bands. The TRF2436 uses a common IF frequency for both bands, eliminating the need for additional IF filtering. Combined with the TI TRF2432 IF/IQ Transceiver/Synthesizer, the TRF2436 completes the TI WLAN two-chip radio.The TRF2436 incorporates all of the RF blocks for both the "b" and "a" bands except for low cost ceramic filters. The ASIC includes LNAs, PAs, mixers, bias circuitry, RX gain control, transmit coupler detectors, and T/R switches. High integration and internal RF matching enhances performance and greatly reduce external part count. The only external components needed (other than simple passives) for operation are RF filters and external low power DC switching FETs.
Highly Integrated 802.16 d/e Radio Frequency Front End ASICFully Integrated Up/Down Converters, LNAs, PAs and T/R SwitchesSuper Heterodyne Architecture for Superior Adjacent Channel Rejection PerformanceDifferential LO and IF Interface for Enhanced Spurious/EMI PerformanceCommon Frequency Plan uses a Single LO and Common IF for Single IF Filter for Both BandsIntegrated Temperature Compensated TX Power DetectorsPA Bias Control FunctionAntenna Port OP1dB = +23 dBm TypicalAntenna Port OIP3 = +33 dBm, TypicalFrequency Range: 2.4 to 2.5 and 4.9 to 5.9 GHzNoise Figure: 4 dB ISM Band, 6 dB 5 GHz Bands TypicalTypical Gain: 38 dB TX, 20 dB RXIF = 374 MHz

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