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High-Efficiency Predictive Synchronous Buck Driver (Rev. B)
Texas Instruments

The UCC27221 and UCC27222 are high-speed synchronous buck drivers for today?s high-efficiency, lower-output voltage designs. Using Predictive Gate Drive? (PGD) control technology, these drivers reduce diode conduction and reverse recovery losses in the synchronous rectifier MOSFET(s). The UCC27221 has an inverted PWM input while the UCC27222 has a non-inverting PWM input. Predictive Gate Drive? technology uses control loops which are stabilized internally and are therefore transparent to the user. These loops use no external components, so no additional design is needed to take advantage of the higher efficiency of these drivers. This closed loop feedback system detects body-diode conduction, and adjusts deadtime delays to minimize the conduction time interval. This virtually eliminates body-diode conduction while adjusting for temperature, load- dependent delays, and for different MOSFETs. Precise gate timing at the nanosecond level reduces the reverse recovery time of the synchronous rectifier MOSFET body-diode, reducing reverse recovery losses seen in the main (high-side) MOSFET. The lower junction temperature in the low-side MOSFET increases product reliability. Since the power dissipation is minimized, a higher switching frequency can also be used, allowing for smaller component sizes. The UCC27221 and UCC27222 are offered in the thermally enhanced 14-pin PowerPAD package with 2C/W jc.
Maximizes Efficiency by Minimizing Body-Diode Conduction and Reverse Recovery Losses Transparent Synchronous Buck Gate Drive Operation From the Single Ended PWM Input Signal 12-V or 5-V Input Operation 3.3-V Input Operation With Availability of 12-V Bus Bias High-Side and Low-Side 3-A Dual Drivers On-Board 6.5-V Gate Drive Regulator 3.3-A TrueDrive? Gate Drives for High Current Delivery at MOSFET Miller Thresholds Automatically Adjusts for Changing Operating Conditions Thermally Enhanced 14-Pins PowerPAD? HTSSOP Package Minimizes Board Area and Junction Temperature Rise APPLICATIONS Non-Isolated Single or Multi-phased DC-to-DC Converters for Processor Power, General Computer, Telecom and Datacom Applications Predictive Gate Drive? and PowerPAD? are trademarks of Texas Instruments Incorporated.

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