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Dual 4-A High Speed Low-Side MOSFET Drivers With Enable (Rev. B)
Texas Instruments

The UCC27423/4/5 family of high-speed dual MOSFET drivers can deliver large peak currents into capacitive loads. Three standard logic options are offered ? dual-inverting, dual-noninverting and one-inverting and one-noninverting driver. The thermally enhanced 8-pin PowerPAD? MSOP package (DGN) drastically lowers the thermal resistance to improve long-term reliability. It is also offered in the standard SOIC-8 (D) or PDIP-8 (P) packages. Using a design that inherently minimizes shoot-through current, these drivers deliver 4-A of current where it is needed most at the Miller plateau region during the MOSFET switching transition. A unique BiPolar and MOSFET hybrid output stage in parallel also allows efficient current sourcing and sinking at low supply voltages. The UCC27423/4/5 provides enable (ENBL) functions to have better control of the operation of the driver applications. ENBA and EBBB are implemented on pins 1 and 8 which were previously left unused in the industry standard pin-out. They are internally pulled up to Vdd for active high logic and can be left open for standard operation.
Industry-Standard Pin-Out Enable Functions for Each Driver High Current Drive Capability of 4 A Unique BiPolar and CMOS True Drive Output Stage Provides High Current at MOSFET Miller Thresholds TTL/CMOS Compatible Inputs Independent of Supply Voltage 20-ns Typical Rise and 15-ns Typical Fall Times with 1.8-nF Load Typical Propagation Delay Times of 25 ns with Input Falling and 35 ns with Input Rising 4-V to 15-V Supply Voltage Dual Outputs Can Be Paralleled for Higher Drive Current Available in Thermally Enhanced MSOP PowerPAD? Package with 4.7C/W jc Rated From ?40C to 105C APPLICATIONS Switch Mode Power Supplies DC/DC Converters Motor Controllers Line Drivers Class D Switching Amplifiers PowerPAD is a trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated.

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