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Datasheet - Category > ICs%2C+Interface > Display driver IC
Part Number Description Manufacturer
NCP590 Dual output ultra high accuracy LDO ON Semiconductor Corp
AD5100 System-Management IC with Programmable Quad Voltage Monitoring and Supervisory Functions Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1067 Super Sequencer? with Open-Loop Margining DACs Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1176 Hot Swap Controller and I2C? Power Monitor Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1177 Hot Swap Controller and Digital Power Monitor with Soft Start Pin Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1191 Digital Power Monitor with Convert Pin and ALERTB Output Analog Devices Inc.
ADM1192 Digital Power Monitor with Clear Pin and ALERT Output Analog Devices Inc.
ADM8843 Four White LED Backlight Driver Analog Devices Inc.
ADP1653 Compact, High Efficiency, High Power, Flash/Torch LED Driver with Dual Interface Analog Devices Inc.
BQ2003 Fast-Charge IC (Rev. A) Texas Instruments
BQ2004 Fast-Charge IC (Rev. B) Texas Instruments
BQ2004E Fast-Charge ICs Texas Instruments
BQ2004H Fast-Charge ICs Texas Instruments
BQ2005 Fast-Charge IC for Dual-Battery Packs (Rev. A) Texas Instruments
BQ2010 Gas Gauge IC (Rev. A) Texas Instruments
BQ2011 Gas Gauge IC for High Discharge Rates (Rev. A) Texas Instruments
BQ2012 Gas Gauge IC With Slow-Charge Control (Rev. A) Texas Instruments
BQ2013H Gas Gauge IC for Power-Assist Applications Texas Instruments
BQ2014 Gas Gauge IC With External Charge Control (Rev. A) Texas Instruments
BQ2014H Low-Cost NiCD/NiMH Gas Gauge IC (Rev. A) Texas Instruments
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