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What is GSM?
Originally called Groupe Sp¨¦cial Mobile, it is commonly known as the Global System for Mobile Communications.
It is a cellular network that operates in four different frequency ranges: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1,800MHz and 1,900MHz. Scandinavian countries use 400MHz and 450MHz frequency bands.
The network consists of the base station subsystem, the network and switching subsystem, and the GPRS core network (an optional part that enables packet-based data transmission.
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2001-08-09 Large capacitance value tantalum capacitors for RF power applications in GSM wireless terminals
This conference technical paper discusses the requirements for the capacitor, the standard and conformal solution, as well as its future developments and how it matches closely to industry requirements.
2007-10-29 Kyocera, Siemens partner on CDMA, GSM M2M modules
Kyocera Wireless and Siemens have announced a formal sales and business development relationship to cooperatively provide CDMA and GSM M2M solutions.
2003-06-09 Kyocera antenna switch modules target GSM phones
Kyocera Corp. has announced the development of three new types of antenna switch modules that support multiple bands.
2014-12-08 JESD204B clock device targets LTE, GSM base stations
The AD9528 from ADI offers a low-power, multi-output, clock distribution function with low-jitter performance, along with an on-chip, two-stage PLL and VCO, to tackle GSPS data converter applications.
2002-02-20 Itronix integrates Sierra Wireless card into GSM/GPRS-enabled laptop
Itronix announced at the 3GSM World Congress that it is integrating Sierra Wireless' AirCard 750 network card into its GoBook Max notebook PC.
2005-07-18 Integrating CMOS designs in GSM front-ends
Here's a comprehensive discussion of key technical problems in the design of a TD-SCDMA mobile-phone RF front-end
2012-03-30 Integrated sensor nodes with GSM modems simplify wireless DAQ
Here's a look at the implementation of a sensor network using a global system for mobile communication modem.
2002-06-12 Infineon, Konka launch K5238 dual-band GSM mobile phones
Infineon Technologies and Konka Telecommunications Technology Co. Ltd have launched the K5238, a full-featured dual-band GSM/GPRS phone.
2004-07-26 Infineon RF transceiver has complete GSM functions
Infineon announced that it had started volume shipments of its GSM/GPRS RF transceivers manufactured in standard CMOS technology to a tier 1 customer.
2005-06-23 India's Quasar to launch GSM handset
A high-end GSM mobile handset designed by Quasar Innovations Pvt. Ltd, an India-based startup, is due to be launched in Europe within the next two months by long distance carrier Primus Telecommunications Group.
2002-04-09 IFR upgrades GSM test system with GRPS capability
IFR Systems Inc. has upgraded its 2935 GSM radio test system with a GPRS firmware module to provide repair centers with the tools needed for signaling, test, and analysis of GPRS handsets.
2008-04-25 Huawei inks GSM/UMTS deal with O2 Germany
O2 Germany has chosen Huawei Technologies as one of its partners for the expansion of the O2 mobile network in Germany.
2012-08-01 Huawei completes simultaneous GSM/UMTS/WiFi service test
According to the company, the test marks a significant step toward improving the experience of end-users when switching between mobile and WiFi networks.
2007-06-27 Huawei bags $700M GSM contract from China Mobile
Huawei Technologies Co. has secured a GSM expansion contract with China Mobile, valued at approximately $700 million.
2009-07-24 How to minimize mobile phone GSM buzz
This article identifies some of the mechanisms that can cause GSM buzz and identifies proven, practical solutions.
2006-10-25 High-linearity chipsets roll for GSM/EDGE transmitters
Maxim's new chipsets for GSM/EDGE base station transmitter applications tout the lowest noise and highest levels of linearity of any competing direct-conversion (zero-IF) transmitter.
2002-10-24 High isolation synthesizer selection circuit for GSM, DCS1800, PCS1900
This application note describes the solution developed by Alpha to enable switching between two synthesizers via a three switch solution utilizing high isolation SPDT and SPST GaAs IC switches.
2009-02-17 GSM/GPRS/Edge dev't system unveiled
ASOCS and Renesas Technology Europe announced the availability of a GSM/GPRS/Edge communication development system that comprises an ASOCS MP100 MultiComms processor and a Renesas Technology DRACO3 RF subsystem.
2008-02-21 GSM/GPRS transmit module eyes emerging markets
RFMD has announced the RF4180 PowerStar dual-band GSM/GPRS transmit module that's designed to reduce front end complexity and address the price and performance requirements of today's emerging-market handsets.
2005-10-21 GSM/GPRS transceiver offers lowest BoM for ULCH market
Silicon Laboratories expanded its Aero GSM/GPRS transceiver family with the release of the Si4209, which requires one of the lowest external component count and smallest board space.
2005-10-31 GSM/GPRS monolithic radio integrates complete phone on one chip
Silicon Laboratories' AeroFONE Si4905 integrates a power management unit, battery interface and charging circuitry, digital baseband, analog baseband and a quad-band RF transceiver in a 12-by-12mm package.
2007-08-01 GSM/GPRS module simplifies M2M design
Telit has developed a dual-processor GSM/GPRS module that streamlines M2M design for POS terminals, fleet management systems and ARM applications.
2006-02-24 GSM/EDGE PAM occupies less phone board space
TriQuint Semiconductor announced the release of TQM7M5003, the newest quad-band GSM/EDGE-polar PAM, as a key member of its EDGE and WCDMA total RF front-end strategy.
2002-10-05 GSM/EDGE Base Station Bit Error Rate Testing with CMU300
This application note describes the bit error rate test capabilities of the Universal Radiocommunication Tester CMU300 on GSM/EDGE base stations.
2009-02-23 GSM-GPRS add-on meets time-to-market demands
Direct Insight has created a GSM/GPRS add-on for its low-power Windows CE-based SwiftModule production-ready embedded system-on-module. The add-on eliminates the most time-consuming and expensive part of hardware design.
2004-12-23 GSM-based datalogger handles data management via Internet
Axelprod GSM Solutions announces what is says is the first Easy GPRS Data Logger.
2004-11-01 GSM vocoders improve speech transmission
The evolution of signal-processing cores has led to the enhancement of speech coders used for GSM systems.
2001-09-27 GSM receiver simulation
This application note is intended to demonstrate the simulation of a GSM receiver example to verify signal levels, spurious products and demodulation performance.
2007-06-27 GSM operators group pushes for 3G at 900MHz
GSMA says national governments need to coordinate their spectrum policies to enable the widespread rollout of HSPA in the 900MHz band to provide broadband services to the many people yet without access to high-speed Internet.
2001-05-21 GSM mixed-rate voice coding on the TMS320C62x DSP
This application note describes how to link together the GSM full-rate (FR), half-rate (HR), enhanced full-rate (EFR) and adaptive multi-rate (AMR) voice coding implementations on the TMS320C62x DSP.
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