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2005-11-29 Faraday completes a range of 0.13?m ASIC productions
Faraday Technology Corporation announced three 0.135m customer projects' wafer-out for volume production. Faraday 0.135m ASIC and Structured ASIC technologies lead a practice that customers can implement chips in a shorter, more predictable design cycle while creating reusable value.
2002-05-15 PLD moves toward 300mm wafers, 0.135m process
The move towards 300mm wafers is proving to be advantageous to PLDs as compared to ASICs, said Wim Roelandts, president and CEO of Xilinx, because PLDs need bigger dies than ASICs.
2002-10-09 Lightspeed boosts ASIC platform with 0.135m move
Lightspeed Semiconductor Inc. has given its modular-array ASIC platform a performance boost by sprucing up its architecture and shifting to 0.135m design rules.
2002-10-29 ASIC slump slows transition to 130nm systems
ASIC design starts will decline 12.3 percent to 4,345 this year following the precipitous 36 percent drop in design starts in 2001, according to a new report by Gartner Dataquest
2002-05-22 Artisan library opened to IBM ASIC customers
Designers targeting IBM silicon will have access to the memory generators, standard cells and I/O library of Artisan Components Inc. under a deal made public Monday (May 20).
2003-04-14 Analyst: ASIC business will not bounce back
Even as the semiconductor market recovers, the long term revenue prospects for custom ASICs will stay flat while some vendors could be forced to bow out of the market, said Jordan Selburn, principal analyst at iSuppli.
2003-01-27 HNS transceiver IC transfers data at 440Mbps
Hughes Network Systems Inc. has announced the development of a 440Mbps transceiver IC that is 10 times the speed of conventional devices.
2002-07-23 Virage delivers embedded memories to Agere
Virage Logic Corp. has expanded its license agreement with Agere Systems to deliver embedded memory technologies for Agere's AGR90 ASIC platform
2003-01-02 The truth about 300mm
The move to 300mm wafers will leave fewer companies owning their own fabs; the few that can fill 300mm fabs will pull increasingly ahead of direct competitors that choose to use foundries.
2002-05-09 Samsung endorses STA in BuildGates, Cadence PKS software
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has issued a sign-off endorsement for the static timing analysis (STA) technology embedded within BuildGates synthesis and Cadence Physically Knowledgeable Synthesis (PKS) software for ASIC design flows
2002-08-28 Lexra turns to multithreading MIPS processors
Many companies whose sole aim was to provide IP cores have either bitten the dust or are about to do so.
2002-10-22 IMEC, UMC enter foundry service agreement
IMEC and United Microelectronics Ltd have signed a three-year foundry service agreement which concerns IMEC's Europractice IC Service.
2002-06-06 IBM Micro cuts 1,500 workers, adds design division
In a restructuring intended to create a counterweight to Asia's fast-growing foundries, IBM's Microelectronics Division announced June 4 a major push into the high-end foundry business, and said it would lay off 1,500 engineers and technicians from its older manufacturing operations.
2002-11-27 Hitachi adopts MoSys embedded memory
Hitachi Information Technology Co. Ltd has licensed MoSys Inc.'s 1T-SRAM-R embedded memory technology.
2002-01-21 Flextronics aligns with Virtual Silicon for SoC IP
Virtual Silicon Technology Inc. has formed a comprehensive ASIC IP sourcing agreement with Flextronics Semiconductor
2002-05-08 EDA startup moves in on physical design integrity
A new electronic design automation company called Apache Design Solutions Inc. aims to bring cell-level power analysis, timing integrity and I/O integrity tools to the mass market.
2002-09-27 Circuit Semantics: Supporting Taiwan's increasing design complexities
Over the last decade Taiwan has made tremendous progress in the level of sophistication and complexity of designs created.
2002-08-13 Actel, Infineon to co-develop Flash-based solutions
Actel Corp. and Infineon Technologies have partnered to develop Flash memory FPGA solutions for 0.135m chip processes
2002-10-16 NEC pushes CMOS-compatible process to 130nm
With communications, consumer and high-end computing applications in mind, NEC has upgraded its embedded-DRAM process to 0.135m
2003-01-23 Atmel, Virage Logic extend licensing agreement
Atmel Corp. has expanded an existing licensing agreement with Virage Logic Corp. to include the latter's embedded memory product line for 0.135m products
2002-05-01 VSIA releases SI spec for IP-block integration
VSIA has released the initial version of a signal integrity extension to the specs to help intellectual-property suppliers communicate signal integrity data to IP integrators.
2002-03-08 Specialization seen hindering SoC progress
The SoC era is widening the gap between designers and manufacturers who have been forced by industry specialization into speaking different languages, a trend that does not bode well for future SoC projects.
2002-04-02 PDF asks software to improve chip yields
Taking its semiconductor yield enhancement technology into the chip design world, PDF Solutions Inc. has rolled out Design-Based Yield Improvement, a services and software offering aimed at fabless semiconductor providers.
2003-06-16 PC, consumer apps get fast PLL macros
True Circuits Inc. launched two PLL macros enhanced with their LockNow technology.
2002-09-25 LSI Logic DSP core capable of superscalar functions
LSI Logic Corp. has rolled out its second generation of ZSP open-architecture superscalar DSP cores.
2002-11-11 Kawasaki standardizes on Sequence Design solution
Kawasaki Microelectronics Inc. and Kawasaki LSI have made Sequence Design Inc.'s PhysicalStudio's SI signoff solution part of its standard design flow worldwide.
2002-10-18 DRAM makers begin march toward DDR-2
Prepping for the high-end systems that should appear in 2004, chip vendors are laying the groundwork for next-generation DDR DRAM.
2002-09-09 Atmel preps SiGe/BiCMOS process for RF apps
Atmel Corp. will emphasize SiGe on BiCMOS to realize power and cost advantages in high-volume mixed-signal designs as it moves to 100GHz transistor frequencies.
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