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2007-07-09 UMC, Melexis develop 0.18?m embedded flash for cars
Melexis and UMC have collaborated to deliver chips using the latter's 0.18?m eFlash process and eFlash macro, aimed at various automotive applications.
2005-03-09 UMC makes Virage embedded memories using 0.18?m process
United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) and Virage Logic Corp. have announced the availability of Virage Logic's patented non-volatile electrically alterable (NOVeA) embedded memories for production on UMC's 0.18?m CMOS logic process.
2004-11-26 TSMC moves 40V 0.18?m process to volume production
Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. Ltd said Tuesday (Nov. 23) that it has a 40V, 0.18?m, manufacturing process in volume production.
2004-12-28 TSMC 0.18?m, 0.13?m processes required in mainland China
Chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg Co. (TSMC) recently announced that it sees a necessity of putting up advanced processes in mainland China despite restrictions from the Taiwan government.
2002-03-14 Tower yields first 0.18?m wafer output
Israel wafer manufacturer Tower Semiconductor Ltd has produced its first 0.18?m wafer output from its Fab 2 pilot line with higher-than-expected yields.
2005-09-21 Tower Semicon produces SanDisk memory controller using 0.18?m technology
Tower Semiconductor Ltd is manufacturing SanDisk Corp.'s memory controller at its 0.18?m technology platform.
2005-04-15 Tower Semi debuts 0.18- and 0.13-?m libraries
Pure-play independent specialty foundry Tower Semiconductor announced the introduction of its in-house set of 0.18?m and 0.13?m design libraries.
2006-02-23 TFT LCD drivers use TSMC's 0.18m process
Sunplus Technology announced the availability of two system-on-a-chip TFT LCD drivers.
2007-03-22 Taiwan okays TSMC's 0.18?m move to China
The Investment Commission under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) approved the application of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to use 0.18?m manufacturing technology at its wafer foundry in China.
2007-01-04 Taiwan okays TSMC's 0.18? tech transfer to China
The government of Taiwan approved on Dec. 29, 2006 TSMC's application to transfer 0.18? generation semiconductor process technology to China for production.
2005-04-11 QuickLogic ramps up production using Tower 0.18?m tech
Tower Semiconductor Ltd and QuickLogic Corp. announced that newly updated performance data on the QuickLogic Eclipse II family of uWatt FPGA products clearly establishes a new industry benchmark in low power performance.
2007-01-15 Novocell nonvolatile memory IP in 0.18?m CMOS
Novocell Semiconductor announced its NovoBlox OTP memory IP, implemented in a patented, gate oxide antifuse technology.
2004-10-13 Matsushita, Tower deploying 0.18?m embedded flash
Japan-based Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. and Israel-based Tower Semiconductor Ltd have put the finishing touches on a co-development deal in the embedded flash-memory market, according to sources at the FSA Expo here.
2003-07-10 Matsushita FeRAM employs 0.18?m process
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd has developed what it claims to be the world's first FeRAM-embedded SoC that uses 0.18?m technology.
2004-12-27 HHNEC selects Artisan IP solutions for 0.18?m process
Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Co. Ltd and Artisan Components Inc. have signed a license agreement under which Artisan will support HHNEC's advanced 0.18?m CMOS process.
2007-02-19 HeJian partners with Beijing IC Design Park on 0.18?m service
HeJian Technology (Suzhou) Co. Ltd will team up with Beijing IC Design Park to unveil multi-project wafer service.
2008-02-19 eMemory-MagnaChip alliance eyes OTP macro for 0.18?m
eMemory Technology has agreed to collaborate with MagnaChip Semiconductor in the development of embedded NVM technology and the qualification of an 0.18?m OTP macro using both the CMOS logic and high-voltage processes.
2005-01-06 China to invest more in 0.18?m technology
Chinese fabs have a unique opportunity to invest more in 0.18?m technology, leveraging with the best EDA technologies that are now available.
2003-08-26 China foundry fires up 0.18?m fab
China-based pure-play foundry He Jian Technology, which reportedly has close ties to UMC, is ramping up its lines, using 0.18?m technology.
2007-06-22 Cadence aids HHNEC in first 0.18?m EEPROM PDK
Cadence Design Systems announced that Hua Hong NEC Electronics has developed its first 0.18?m process design kit using Cadence's PDK automation system.
2005-11-14 Atmel announces new 0.18?m RF CMOS process
Atmel Corp. announced its 0.18?m AT58900 RF CMOS process technology.
2005-05-02 Asian foundries bring 0.18?m into mainstream
Despite a bleak scenario in the global semiconductor market, China's IC design industry posted significant growth in 2004, according to the IC Design House Survey conducted by EE Times-Asia.
2004-12-29 Artisan, HeJian to deliver 0.18?m process IP solutions
Artisan Components Inc. and HeJian Technology (Suzhou) Co. Ltd have announced a license agreement for Artisan to support HeJian's advanced 0.18?m CMOS process.
2005-11-08 AMI, MagnaChip team on 0.18-micron process
Mixed-signal semiconductor companies AMI Semiconductor and MagnaChip Semiconductor have announced they would develop a specialized 0.18-micron process to enable next generation medical devices requiring very low power and robust non-volatile memory solutions
2006-06-21 Actions Semi unveils 0.18m multimedia SoC
Actions Semi announced that its 0.18m mixed signal multimedia SoC will be ready for shipment in around eight weeks.
2016-05-13 0.18m MTP-IP devices enable cost-effective manufacturing
The new multiple-time programmable intellectual property (MTP-IP) was developed by using MagnaChip's 0.18m mixed signal 5V processes, which significantly reduce the number of mask layers and manufacturing process steps.
2009-04-20 0.18?m RFCMOS design kit helps trim die size
China foundry Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. has released its advanced 0.18?m RFCMOS process design kit (PDK) through an exclusive collaboration with Sentinel IC Technologies.
2009-06-12 0.18?m foundry solution targets Hall sensors
X-FAB Silicon Foundries has introduced the what it claims to be the first foundry process for the production of integrated Hall sensor ICs in 0.18?m; technology.
2007-02-05 0.18?m flash memory reprogramming in user boot mode
This application note describes the reprogramming of flash memory (the user MAT) via a clock-synchronous communications interface in the user boot mode of the H8SX/1582F, and mainly concerns the slave (receive) side.
2009-04-03 0.18?m embedded flash suits power-sensitive apps
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd has qualified its new 0.18?m embedded flash (embFlash) process technology family that targets a wide range of applications. The new family includes a baseline 1.8V to 5V standard process, an ultra-low leakage process and specific automotive-qualified embedded Flash IP.
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