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2007-05-22 0.18?m embedded EEPROM process offers high reliability
Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Company Ltd has announced the availability of its 0.18?m embedded EEPROM process.
2011-04-29 TowerJazz SiGe process enables high-speed interfaces
The SiGe process enables high-speed interfaces in communication protocols such as Thunderbolt, optical fiber and high-data rate wireless by improving performance while reducing noise and power usage.
2002-04-26 Tower receives additional funding from investors
Tower Semiconductor Ltd has received an additional $41.07 million from its investors.
2003-10-15 SMIC reference flow includes Magma IC solution
Magma Design Automation Inc. and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. have released a validated reference flow.
2015-11-19 X-Fab invests in Malaysian wafer fab
The More-than-Moore chipmaker will invest $114 million in its wafer fab in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia to meet demand for 0.18?m and 0.35?m manufacturing.
2002-04-05 Virage Logic embedded RAM employs standard logic process
Manufactured using TSMC's 0.18?m CMOS process, the Novea RAM embedded memory from Virage Logic Corp. is claimed to be the first commercially-available non-volatile embedded memory manufactured using a standard logic process.
2003-07-02 UMC, Spirea to produce WLAN radio chips
United Microelectronics Corp. has delivered Spirea AB's TripleTraC and gTraC WLAN radios using its 0.18?m RF CMOS process.
2003-07-25 UMC, Barcelona to collaborate on analog synthesis solutions
Semiconductor foundry United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) and Barcelona Design Inc., a supplier of analog synthesis solutions, have agreed to jointly develop synthesizable PLL and ADC solutions targeted at UMC's process technologies, including 0.18? 0.15?m and 0.13 ?m.
2003-07-18 UMC mass produce TrendChip ADSL chips
Semiconductor foundry UMC has announced that TrendChip Technologies' WireExpress ADSL chipset is being manufactured in volume quantities on UMC's 0.18?m CMOS process technology.
2003-08-12 Tower to manufacture QuickLogic FPGA products
Tower Semiconductor Ltd has announced that QuickLogic Corp. has placed its first production order for its 0.18?m ESP and FPGA products.
2003-12-10 Tower Semiconductor standardizes on TriCN interface IP
IC wafer-manufacturing foundry Tower Semiconductor has selected TriCN's base I/O library and a suite of interface IP for use in their 0.18&3181;m process. Tower will make this IP available to customers designing high-performance chips for production at its Fab 2 facility.
2008-04-17 Tower fabs Canesta 3D image sensors for cars
Canesta's 3D image sensors, now in final qualification stages for the automotive industry, are being manufactured at Tower Semi's Fab2 facility, using its CMOS image sensor 0.18?m technology process.
2006-01-04 Tower churns out Zoran Cascade2 chip
Tower Semiconductor announced that it has begun manufacturing Zoran's Cascade2 demodulator chip at Tower's FAB2, using 0.18?m process.
2004-05-19 Toshiba to apply Sarnoff's TakeCharge IC design
Toshiba Corp. has revealed that it will implement the TakeCharge on-chip electrostatic discharge (ESD) design approach from Sarnoff Corp. in its CMOS IC processes (0.18?m, 0.13?m, 90nm and 65nm process technology).
2002-02-11 Tektronix signs agreement with IBM
Tektronix Inc. has entered into an agreement with IBM to deploy IBM's next-generation 0.18?m SiGe technology into Tektronix test instrumentation used by customers.
2006-08-09 Taiwan's MOEA to finalize chipmakers' transfer application
Taiwan's MOEA will reportedly finalize this month its assessment of Taiwan-based chipmakers' application on the transfer of 8-inch wafer production using 0.18m process technology to mainland China.
2006-11-17 Taiwan to loosen China chip investment restrictions
Taiwan is reportedly finalizing by a plan to relax restrictions on Taiwanese company investment in China, enabling firms to use 0.18?m chip manufacturing technology in China.
2006-01-27 Snowbush rolls out new ADC IP core
Snowbush Microelectronics announced the availability of a 10bit, 140MSps ADC IP core in a foundry standard 0.18m CMOS.
2003-11-04 SMIC names Virage Logic as IP provider
Semiconductor Mfg Int. Corp. (SMIC) has selected Virage Logic Corp. as its IP provider. This is in addition to their earlier agreement on 0.18&181;m technology.
2006-05-31 Rising unveils RF transceiver chipset for 3G WCDMA handsets
Rising Micro Electronics announced that it has successfully developed RF transceiver chipset for 3G WCDMA wireless handsets using Jazz Semiconductor's 0.18m SiGe BiCMOS.
2001-04-15 Process design kits take aim at custom ICs
This technical article describes Cadence Design Systems' process design kits for 0.25?m and 0.18?m process simulations.
2006-03-20 Philips' flash/EEPROM technology delivers low power dissipation
Royal Philips Electronics announced that its 0.18?m CMOS embedded flash/EEPROM technology is now fully qualified for Grade-1 automotive applications.
2004-01-23 Philips announces breakthrough in embedded EEPROM
Royal Philips Electronics has developed a new low-voltage low-power EEPROM option for its 0.18?m CMOS18 process technology.
2002-03-05 MIPS, TSMC unveil 64-bit hard core
Manufactured via TSMC's 0.18?m CLO18G process, MIPS Technologies' MIPS64 5Kc 64-bit hard core delivers 435DMIPS25 percent more than similar products made from 0.15?m process.
2004-07-12 Mentor to support SMIC's mixed-signal process
Mentor Graphics Corp. has been supplying a technology design kit for the 0.18?m mixed signal manufacturing process technology offered by China's Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC), Mentor disclosed Wednesday (July 7, 2004).
2004-07-12 Mentor announces support for SMIC mixed-signal process
Mentor announced it has been supplying a technology design kit for the 0.18?m mixed signal manufacturing process technology offered by SMIC.
2013-07-24 MagnaChip, NNFC reach technology transfer agreement
The technology agreement transfers 0.18?m SOI RF CMOS process technology to MagnaChip, a technology optimised for use in RF switches and antenna tuning applications.
2013-07-29 Magnachip unleashes low power e-Compass sensor
The MXG1300 e-Compass sensor from Magnachip based on the company's low noise 0.18 micron technology and maintains alignment of a mobile device's display with the user's orientation.
2006-03-02 Impinj, UMC partner in embedded NVM cores
Impinj and UMC announced a partnership to deliver Impinj's AEON family of embedded nonvolatile memory cores for UMC's 0.18?m and 0.13?m CMOS technologies.
2003-03-25 IMEC, NSC partner on process technology development
IMEC and National Semiconductor have entered a four-year contract to jointly develop an 0.18?m and follow-up generation of SiGe-based BiCMOS process technology.
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