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2012-09-17 XP Power claims smallest 5W, 10W AC/DC power supplies
The ECE05 series measures 25.4 x 25.4 x 15.24mm while the ECE10 series comes at 38.1 x 25.4 x 15.24mm, covering nominal output voltages from 3.3-48VDC and a wide universal input of 85-264VAC
2008-08-13 Low cost range power supplies hit market
The new cost efficient, smaller size 5W and 10W RAC-SB series from Recom Electronic GmbH is available in either encapsulated PCB mount or panel mount (screw terminal) formats.
2005-09-05 Resistor manufacturer announces breakthrough in resistor tech
Billed as the first "true" power surface-mount resistor device in the industry, Stackpole Electronics has introduced a new surface-mount power resistor capable of handling up to 12W at 85�C.
2003-07-30 KEIC dc-dc converters available to 100W versions
Kingdatron Electronic has released its variable-power dc-dc converter series with power ratings running from 5W to 100W
2002-08-12 HiTek dc/dc converters drive ultrasonic devices
HiTek Power's 5W and 10W dc/dc converters deliver up to 7kV for ultrasonic transducers, photomultiplier tubes, and electron beam deflection applications
2006-08-10 Flameproof resistors suit current sensing apps
The MPR series of radial leaded metal-plate resistors from Stackpole Electronics Inc. is suitable for all types of power supplies, voltage regulation, as well as many automotive systems and controls applications
2002-06-17 Vishay buck converters deliver >100W/inch3 power density
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has announced the release of its FunctionPAK series of synchronous buck dc/dc converters that measures a maximum 14.7-by-12.2-by-3mm and delivers a power density of >100W/in3
2006-03-08 DC/DCs meet low-power industrial applications
Emerson Network Power's Astec industrial series of DC/DC converters can deliver 4W to 15W to automotive, test and wireless applications
2002-05-02 Datel instrumentation power supplies provide 4kV isolation
The DMS-PS-CM series of chassis-mount ac/dc instrumentation power supplies from Datel Inc. deliver an efficiency of up to 82 percent, 8mV of noise, and up to three individually-isolated output of up to 4kV isolation voltage
2013-04-16 XP Power unveils new style for Power Supply Selector guide
The first edition of XP Power's new style form product catalogue boasts an informative yet visually pleasing method of presenting the company's line-up of AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters.
2007-04-11 Wirewound, film resistors withstand up to 275C
TT electronics IRC WAFT rolled out wirewound and film resistors that are available for operation at temperatures up to 275C.
2007-09-17 Weigh power, heat factors in new resistors
Resistor manufacturers are now addressing demanding requirements by beefing up their power lines to offer more power and better heat dissipation in same-size or smaller packages.
2007-12-20 RF power terminator, attenuator suit high-frequency apps
TT electronics IRC advanced film division has released a high power attenuator and surface mount transmission line terminator targeted for RF and microwave applications.
2013-01-28 Resistors offer 2-7W, 1-330 energy ratings
The devices from TT electronics are aimed at designers of power supplies requiring a line input resistor for inrush limiting and protection.
2006-05-16 New power resistor packaging eases heat management
A molded SOIC-style package for surface mount power resistors features a metal lead frame with an integral heat sink directly under the resistor element.
2008-07-16 Hysteretic converters for multiple LED lighting
Hysteretic converters are used to drive LEDs in lamp replacement and emerging lighting applications. The ease of use and inherent stability of the topology make it a first choice for efficient inductive switching regulator solutions. The simple topology can be used in different configurations or other unintended external applications.
2005-08-15 How power modules address unique appliance requirements
Thanks to the improved performance and efficiency they provide, the demand for inverterized drives and brushless DC (BLDC) motors continues to grow.
2014-11-21 Buffett to recharge EV battery market with Duracell?
Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. agreed to buy Duracell for $4.7 billion in a move that could boost wireless charging, and expand Duracell into batteries for vehicles and the power grid.
2005-04-26 Ampro rolls out four new Windows CE 5.0 SBCs
Providing additional proof that Microsoft's Windows CE is gaining some acceptance in the embedded market, Ampro Computers has just released four small footprint Pentium-based single board computers based on v5.0 of the OS.
2005-01-28 ADI claims audiophile sound for its Class-D amplifier entry
ADI is targeting a "sweet spot" in the Class D market, the 5- to 40 watts-per-channel amplifiers used by bookshelf stereo systems, integrated DVD players and wide-screen flat panel TVs.
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