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2007-01-01 IDT rolls 10Gbps RapidIO serial buffer
A new 12Mbit serial buffer from IDT is designed as a RadioIO-specific memory for use in 10Gbps networks for advanced mobile video services in wireless-infrastructure apps.
2003-06-17 IBM integrates 10Gbps photodetector on CMOS
IBM researchers have integrated a 10Gbps silicon photodetector using a 130nm, 1.5V CMOS process.
2004-07-01 Hitting the 10Gbps backplane mark
To reach the 10Gb backplane plateau, designers need Serdes that can accommodate dynamic environmental conditions.
2007-02-02 Higher-density SFP+ supports 10Gbps
Molex has released its SFP+ Interconnect System, which meets the next-generation SFF 8431 specification and supports 10Gbps speeds using the same port space as a standard SFP system.
2003-05-19 Fujitsu implements 10Gbps switch into a single chip
Fujitsu Ltd has announced the successful development of the world's first single chip implementation of a 12-port, 10Gbps Ethernet switch.
2005-05-27 FCM chip supports up to 10Gbps
Integrated Device Technology introduced a new family of flexible 10Gbps Multi-Queue flow-control ICs that offer up to 10Mb of storage density and support high-speed operations exceeding 10Gbps.
2002-08-05 FCI PCB connector handles up to 10Gbps
The GIG-Array mezzanine connector from FCI Communications handles signal data rates of up to 10Gbps and accommodates up to 392 signals per connector.
2004-09-27 FCI joins UXPi to standardize 10Gbps systems
FCI has joined the Unified 10Gbps Physical-layer Initiative (UXPi) as a contributor member.
2001-05-01 Ethernet moves past 10Gbps
Advances in Ethernet and the emergence of an intelligent optical layer have given birth to an alternative transport architecture that extends the power of Ethernet to MANs, WANs, and LAN backbones.
2003-12-18 ERNI connectors suit 10GBps systems
ERNI has announced the availability of its MicroSpeed connector system in SMT technology for high-speed applications.
2002-04-11 Ericsson 10Gbps EML module transmits up to 80km
The PGT 20406 10Gbps EML module from Ericsson Microelectronics combines a continuous wave DFB laser with an electro-absorption modulator, enabling it to transmit optical signals at distances of up to 80km.
2008-06-26 Crosstalk measurement, extraction and validation in 10Gbps serial systems
This paper provides a process to extract accurate connector crosstalk models. The Molex
2006-07-31 Copper cabling systems meet 10Gbps standards
Siemon offers Category 7 TERA and 10G 6A F/UTP end-to-end 10Gbps copper cabling systems with integrated grounding features to meet the new TIA standards for 10Gbps copper network cabling.
2003-11-12 Companies demonstrate 10Gbps serial interoperability
Three companies active in 10Gbps serial components are demonstrating interoperability of electronic dispersion compensation methods at the IEEE 802 plenary meet.
2005-03-31 Chip pushes twisted-pair copper to 10Gbps
Vativ Technologies disclosed that it is now sampling its new transceiver to key prospects.
2006-01-16 Cat 6 solution supports 10Gbps bandwidth
Systimax Solutions announced its latest Cat 6 solution that features bandwidths up to 10Gbps. According to the company, the Gigaspeed X10D offers double the bandwidth of standard Cat 6.
2004-09-08 Bookham adds overload protection to 10Gbps receiver
Bookham used the ECOC as the launching pad for its integrated 10Gbps optical receiver with overload protection that meets ITU and IEEE standards GR-253-CORE and G.959.1.
2005-12-06 Backplane connector operates up to 10Gbps and higher
Targeting high-speed signal and high-density backplane applications, Tyco Electronics' new Z-PACK MAX connector performs at speeds up to 10Gbps and higher.
2007-05-07 Avago extends 850nm VCSEL tech to 10Gbps
Avago Technologies has announced the completion of full Telcordia GR-468-CORE qualification of its next-generation 850nm VCSEL.
2002-10-09 ASIP ships uncooled 10Gbps EML
ASIP Inc.'s 10T101 10Gbps, 1,310nm EML is claimed by the company to be the world's first commercially-available uncooled 10Gbps EML targeted at next-generation optical transceivers.
2005-09-08 Apogee, Vitesse offer transmission performance for 10Gbps optical module
Apogee Photonics Inc. and Vitesse Semiconductor have developed a joint reference design that extends 10Gbps transceiver performance to an industrial temperature range.
2004-01-09 Agilent links up with Unified 10Gbps Initiative
Agilent Technologies Inc. has joined the Unified 10 Gbps Physical-layer Initiative (UXPi) as a contributing member.
2002-03-14 Agere, Nortel forge agreement for surface-mount 10Gbps receivers
Agere Systems and Nortel Networks have entered into a multi-source agreement to establish standards for surface-mount 10Gbps receivers.
2006-01-19 Adoption of 10Gbps cabling systems seen in five years, says Systimax
The need for higher-end cabling solutions continues to drive product and technology development for network technology providers.
2007-08-31 10Gbps transmitters cover up to 300km
Finisar's DM200 has an output power of 0-3dBm and transmits 10Gbps over distances of 300km without requiring costly optical dispersion compensation.
2003-02-18 10Gbps transceivers draw a crowd
Chip designers are reaching into their bag of circuit tricks to coax 10Gbps transmission rates from serial transceivers, even while demand for such high-speed backplane technology is still ways off.
2002-06-07 10Gbps surface-mount receiver standard gains momentum
Agere Systems and Nortel Networks have declared that four more companies will support an MSA that establishes an industry standard for 10Gbps surface-mount optical receivers.
2003-11-17 10Gbps serial data over copper backplanes - a reality
The communications industry has all the building blocks to create a system that can deliver aggregate bandwidth of tens of terabit-per-second efficiently brought about by the availability of 10Gbps NRZ serial technology.
2007-09-25 10Gbps pluggable transceiver tunes into DWDM band
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. says it has developed the world's first compact and pluggable 10Gbps optical communications transceiver, capable of discretionary tuning of all C Band DWDM.
2007-03-22 10Gbps optical receivers suit XMD-MSA apps
Oki Electric Industry announced two models of ROSA-type optical receiver modules targeting XMD-MSA applications.
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