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2005-06-10 UCC28517 100-W PFC power converter with 12V, 8W bias supply, part 2
This app note reviews the design of the second 12V, 8W power stage to be used as an auxiliary bias supply.
2005-06-10 UCC28517 100-W PFC power converter with 12V, 8W bias supply, Part 1
This app note reviews the design of a 100W ac/dc power stage with power factor correction.
2002-04-24 Tyco full-brick converter targets 12V intermediate bus environments
The FHW500B full-brick dc/dc converter from Tyco Electronics Power Systems provides a regulated output of 12Vdc, and is designed for use in intermediate bus architectures, enabling OEMs to use downstream, non-isolated dc/dc converters to generate additional logic.
2003-01-10 TI switch IC allows 12V controlled distribution
The TPS2206A PC CardBus power-interface switch allows the controlled distribution of 3.3V, 5V, and 12V to each PC card socket in notebook systems.
2014-05-05 Surge protection provides 12V lines with up to 100A immunity
The low-capacitance ESD protection from Semtech is a two-line device with a very low clamping voltage and a line-to-line capacitance of less than 12pF, dedicated to RS-485 interfaces and other 12V lines in industrial applications.
2006-04-28 ST HDD controller cuts across 5V, 12V apps
STMicroelectronics' motor control chip integrates all of the circuitry required to drive both the spindle motor and the voice-coil of a PC's hard disk drive.
2004-02-03 Sota Enertech battery features 12V nominal voltage
The XSA12700 sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery from Sota Enertech Inc. features a nominal voltage of 12V and nominal capacity of 70Ah.
2007-05-01 Slew-rate controlled load switches support 12V operation
AnalogicTech's AAT4285 is the industry's first integrated slew-rate controlled load switch capable of supporting 12V operation.
2003-12-18 Sipex step-down controllers target 12V apps
Sipex Corp. has introduced two high power, high efficiency, synchronous step-down controllers for 12V applications.
2011-08-17 SAR ADCs offer wide temp range and 12V input range
TI's bipolar 12bit 4- and 8-channel SAR ADCs deliver 1-MSPS sampling rate that are geared for industrial process controls and data acquisition.
2011-08-25 SAR ADCs allow 12V input range
TI has rolled out two bipolar, 12bit, 1MSPS successive approximation register analog-to-digital converters for programmable logic control and data acquisition.
2005-08-25 Prema serial 12V-LED driver handles up to three LEDs
PREMA Semiconductor offers the new constant current driver PR4130 controlling up to three LEDs in series.
2014-12-10 Next-gen 12V motor drivers boost system reliability
TI's DRV8846 automatically tunes motor performance for precise, smooth and quiet motion, while the DRV8848 eases designs by using a PWM control interface and minimal external components.
2007-01-09 Maxim touts 'first' ADCs to have 12V input
Maxim said its MAX1300-MAX1303 and MAX1032-MAX1035 series of 16/14bit ADCs are the first to have a 12V input range.
2007-06-19 Low-cost, complete power solution for powered devices includes 12V buck converter
The MAX5953A provides a simple and inexpensive, yet complete, nonisolated power solution for a powered device in a PoE system.
2009-05-06 ISL97656 SEPIC for 3Vin to 12Vin to 3.3Vout at 1A application
The ISL97656 is a selectable 640kHz or 1.2MHz constant switching frequency, high efficiency boost regulator for 2.3Vin to 5.5Vin applications.
2006-06-02 ISL6558EVAL2: Low-profile, 5V/12V input, 500kHz and 90 percent efficiency DC/DC converter
This application note first gives a brief introduction of Intersil's four-phase controller ISL6558 and synchronous rectified driver ISL6609.
2003-12-15 ICTronics power supply complies with ATX 12V V1.1
The PI-8DS dual-fan switching power supply from ICTronics Ent. Co. Ltd complies with the ATX 12V V1.1 standard, and features high reliability and efficiency, built-in EMI filter, and low acoustic noise.
2008-11-14 High-efficiency step-down controller suits 12V adapters
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has developed AAT1185, a single output, step-down controller capable of providing high efficiency power conversion for lower cost 12V adapters.
2001-03-19 FLASH370i 5V to 12V dc-dc converter solutions
This application note provides various solutions for the 12V super-voltage requirement for Cypress Semiconductor's Flash-based In-System Reprogrammable CPLDs in designs that do not already include a source for 12V.
2002-11-21 dc/dc modules broaden 12V architecture range
Four dc/dc modules from Tyco Electronics are capable of extending the options in powering the different stages of 12V intermediate-bus architectures.
2009-11-10 DC/DC converter powers 12V intermediate bus
Ericsson Power Modules has launched the PKB4513PINBLC is 50W eighth-brick DC/DC converter that powers 12V intermediate bus architectures.
2005-07-04 AMI low-cost CAN transceiver tailored for 12V and 24V systems
AMI Semiconductor is sampling a controller area network transceiver called the AMIS-4270 that acts as the interface between two physical CAN lines for 12V and 24V systems.
2002-03-19 ADI ADSL line driver delivers 18V from 12V supply
Designed using Adaptive Linear Power (ALP) architecture, the AD8393 ADSL line driver anticipates signal peaks in the network, and delivers 18V from a single 12V supply when the peak power is needed.
2010-11-11 2A PWM step-down converter optimized for 5V, 12V rail
Exar's XRP7664 can operate on input voltage of up to 18V with max load current of 2A
2015-03-20 200W DC-DC converters aimed at 12V, 5V telecom apps
The AVO200 series from Artesyn claims to provide telecom and networking equipment manufacturers up to 94.5 per cent efficiency for communications installations.
2005-10-19 12V rectifier powers POL systems
Cherokee International's CAR1212 low-profile front-end is designed for compact 12V distributed power architectures, including networking equipment and mid- to high-end servers.
2010-01-29 12V buck converter simplifies CE power design
TI's SWIFT power management IC simplifies power design in consumer electronics with a 12V power supply, such as a STB or DTV.
2006-08-11 Triple-output AC/DC supplies deliver up to 650W
Antec's TruePower Trio family of 12V triple-output AC/DC supplies delivers up to 650W in three models for better power distribution in PC and do-it-yourself applications.
2002-05-09 REMOTEC integrates Opticomm optical solution into robotics systems
Robotics company REMOTEC Inc. has adopted Opticomm Corp.'s fiber-optic solution, FMV-586-12V, to link remote control stations to its ANDROS robotic vehicles via fiber-optic cable reel.
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