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2001-04-02 What's New In 1394b
This paper discusses long-distance and high-speed upgrades to the 1394b standard, as well as back compatibility, arbitration and topology enhancements and improvements.
2000-09-27 Update on connectivity: Cables & connectors (physical interface: past, present and 1394b future)
The heart of the multimedia bus is the physical connector and various 4-pin and 6-pin alternatives have been discussed now for years. This paper reviews the physical interconnect, now and with the new 1394b types of interface that are coming along as the speed and distance of 1394 increases.
2003-02-20 TI rolls first IEEE 1394b PHY device
The TSB81BA3 IEEE 1394b (FireWire) three-port cable transceiver/arbiter is capable of data rates of up to 800Mbps.
2002-04-03 TI offers 1394b, Bluetooth for auto market
Texas Instruments Inc. has unveiled its IDB-1394 bus solution and Bluetooth chipsets, targeted at providing automobiles with in-vehicle infotainment and wireless connectivity applications.
2002-05-29 Oxford bridge IC supports 1394B, USB 2.0
The OXUF922 programmable bridge IC from Oxford Semiconductor Ltd combines an 800Mbps 1394B Link layer and PHY controller with a 480Mbps USB 2.0 PHY.
2000-09-27 New technology for 1394b
This paper regarding 1394b includes a discussion of long distance and high-speed upgrades to the standard as well as back compatibility, arbitration and topology enhancements and improvements.
2006-05-04 Microsoft to support 1394b standard
Microsoft will provide support for the IEEE1394b standard "within a reasonable time" after the launch of Windows Vista.
2006-12-21 Interface IC delivers PCIe, 1394B connectivity functions
The FW643 chip from Agere Systems is touted to be the first product to deliver the PCIe bus and 1394B functions in a single device.
2004-08-09 Fast1394 card supports IEEE-1394b serial bus
Parvus release a 3-port IEEE-1394b controller module designed for high-speed data acquisition across the FireWire bus for audio, video and storage peripherals.
2006-05-26 Devices improve 1394b performance in notebooks, PCs
Texas Instruments announced two new 1394b devices at WinHEC.
2002-09-09 COMOSS 1394b connectors offer EMI shielding
COMOSS Electronic Co. Ltd 's series of 1394 connectors employs a "Double-Layered Full-Shielding" isolation to minimize EMI in portable devices.
2006-01-23 Audio processor touts 800Mbps 1394b data rate capability
BridgeCo. claims to have the first FireWire audio IC platform that supports 1394b (S800), doubling the bandwidth capacity over older, 400Mbps 1394a systems.
2007-12-07 8m cable transmits at 800Mbits/s, meets 1394b spec
Oki Electric Cable has developed the industry's first long cable compliant to the IEEE 1394b standard.
2006-06-02 1394b chipset doubles data speed between PCs, peripherals
Agere Systems has developed a chipset that supports the 1394b interface, enabling designers to double the speed of data transport between computers and 1394b peripherals.
2005-08-03 TI, Unibrain to offer FireWire kit for motherboard apps
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) and Unibrain have agreed to provide a turnkey 1394b (FireWire) development kit for use in a variety of peripheral and motherboard applications.
2003-03-18 Reference design evaluates digital audio over FireWire 800
Oxford Semiconductor Ltd has announced the availability of a reference design that provides "plug and play" evaluation of digital audio.
2008-04-16 PCIe to Firewire controller claims 87MBps throughput
TI has expanded its 1394 (Firewire) portfolio with a flexible PCIe to 1394b open host controller.
2000-05-03 Migrating from 1394 "a to b"
This paper addresses the changes made to the 1394-1995 standard in 1394a. The latter section of the report discusses the 1394b, which includes a discussion of long distance and high-speed upgrades to the standard.
2006-10-03 MDKs ease deployment of copper-to-POF converters
Firecomms said its two new MDKs will enable the rapid deployment of copper-to-POF converters and repeaters for 1394b and Fast Ethernet.
2000-05-03 Home networking using 1394
This paper offers an overview of industry progress, bandwidth needs, media, required components, how to get started and myths versus facts about the 1394 specification in the networked environment.
2005-01-17 Controller module offers up to 800Mbps data transfer rates
Parvus rolled out its new Fast1394T PC/104-Plus FireWire card that supports the advanced features of the new IEEE-1394b (2002) serial bus.
2006-06-07 Agere's 1394 silicon simplifies upgrade
Agere's new 1394 chips offer board makers greater flexibility in migrating from the 400Mbps version of the standard to the 800Mbit version.
2006-07-17 Agere chips ease 1394 upgrades
Agere Systems Inc. is seeding the PC market with a combination of 1394 silicon that could offer board makers greater flexibility in migrating from the 400Mbps version of the standard to the less popular 800Mbit version.
2006-11-09 PCIe frame grabbers support major digicam buses
National Instruments rolled out three PCIe-based frame grabbers that support every major digital camera bus, including IEEE 1394b, GbE Vision and Camera Link.
2003-07-22 Group develops enhanced IEEE 1394-GbE links
The 1394 Trade Association, working in conjunction with the IEEE, has announced that they are progressing towards a combination 1394b-Ethernet PHY that will combine the two transport technologies.
2003-09-23 Crystek timing control line supports TI device
Crystek Crystals has developed several timing and frequency control products to support Texas Instruments' 1394b devices, the TSB41BA3.
2004-08-09 Wipro licenses its IEEE 1394 technology to Zoran
Wipro Technologies, the software services division of India's Wipro Ltd, has licensed its IEEE 1394 audio-video link (Avlink) software stack to Zoran Corp., a provider of digital solutions-on-a-chip for applications in the growing markets of digital entertainment and digital imaging.
2014-12-23 USB 3.0 vs USB 2.0: Reference at a glance
USB 3.0 is the third major version of the Universal Serial Bus standard for computer connectivity. In this article, we share a summary of important differences between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.
2003-06-03 UMC, Artisan co-develop PCI-Express PHY core
Semiconductor foundry UMC and Artisan Components Inc. have agreed upon a long-term IP collaboration focused on the development of a PCI-Express PHY IP core for UMC's 0.13?m chip designs.
2007-03-21 Samsung, TI team on nex-gen HD A/V networking suites
Texas Instruments announced that Samsung is implementing TI's 1394 technology for High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance home entertainment networking products.
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