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2002-03-21 Linear Tech DAC offers six output ranges
The LTC1592 16-bit SoftSpan DAC features a software programmable output range, producing two unipolar and four bipolar outputs.
2004-06-18 Linear Tech DAC offers 3-by-3mm footprint
Linear Tech disclosed that its new DAC provides the industry's smallest footprint while integrating more functions
2005-06-24 CompactPCI-based PXI module conveys 64 DAC channels
KineticSystems has a new D/A converter card that packs no less than 64 channels of D/A output in a single-width 6U-sized CompactPCI form-factor for PXI. It's priced at about $2,750
2003-10-10 Xicor DAC family offers 16-bit performance
Xicor Inc. has introduced a series of DACs that integrate a 12-bit non-volatile DAC and a general purpose EEPROM into a single chip
2002-11-06 TI DAC targets industrial, portable process controls
The company's latest 16-bit quad DAC offering is targeted at portable and low-power systems such as industrial process control apps.
2003-02-12 Hitachi 32-bit CPU core fits CISC processors
Hitachi Ltd has developed the H8SX 32-bit CPU core for CISC microcomputers
2002-04-26 Fujitsu expands microcontroller line with 32-, 16-bit devices
Fujitsu Microelectronics America Inc. has expanded its microcontroller product line with the addition of two 32-bit microcontrollers with FULL-CAN bus interfaces and single voltage Flash memory, and a 16-bit version based on the company's 16LX processor core
2002-02-22 Fujitsu expands 32-bit microcontroller line-up
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe has expanded its MB91360 series of 32-bit microcontrollers with the introduction of the MB91F365, MB91F366, and MB91F364 models
2002-10-29 Fujitsu 32-bit MCUs perform up to 64MIPS
The company has announced two new 32-bit RISC MCUs that operate up to 50MHz and perform up to 64MIPS
2005-07-05 DAC with I?C serial interface
An octal 16-bit voltage output DAC with an I?C serial interface in a 16-pin SSOP package was recently released by Linear Technology Corp
2010-07-26 DAC features dynamic power control
The AD5755 quad-channel 16-bit voltage/current-out digital/analog converter from Analog Devices incorporates dynamic power control to reduce power needs by 80 percent
2003-11-20 AKM audio DAC features enhanced noise reduction
Asahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) Co. Ltd has introduced its AK4386 DAC that supports sampling rates from 8kHz to 96kHz
2003-06-19 16-bit PWM using an on-chip timer
This application note describes how to implement a 16-bit pulse width modulator (PWM) digital-to-analog converter (DAC).
2003-08-18 Wolfson stereo DAC with headphone driver
Wolfson Microelectronics plc has released the WM8759, a low-power 24-bit stereo DAC with an integrated headphone driver that is suitable for use in next-gen portable home music players
2002-08-20 Wolfson audio DAC offers 112dB SNR
The WM8718 24-bit differential stereo DAC that offers a 112dB SNR and -100dB THD
2005-06-16 Stereo audio CODEC offers independent sampling on ADC, DAC
Wolfson Microelectronics launched a stereo audio CODEC with the ability to operate the ADC and DAC at different sample rates simultaneously
2009-03-06 Performing DAC operations with CPLDs
This article shows how a CPLD can replace a DAC, allowing it to drive an audio speaker or control things like LED intensity, motor speed, and servo position
2008-06-11 Microchip gives 16-, 32bit development platform hardware boost
Microchip Technology Inc. has announced 10 new application-specific PICtail Plus daughter boards for the Explorer 16 development board platform
2011-03-31 Faster TI quad DAC cuts power use 65
Texas Instruments' DAC3484 4-channel, 16bit DAC offers 1.25GSps at 40 percent smaller size than alternative quad DAC solutions and enables wideband power amplifier linearization of up to 250MHz
2010-11-24 Connect FPGA to ADC, DAC
Know how to use ISERDES and serializer OSERDES functionalities in Virtex-6 FPGAs to interface with ADCs with DACs.
2005-02-11 Atmel audio chip includes DAC, power speaker
Atmel's AT73C213 audio companion chip for multimedia portable apps integrates an audio-quality 20bit stereo DAC and an audio power amplifier providing up to 1W
2002-07-08 ADI 14-bit DAC has serial interface
The AD5531 14-bit, 110V DAC from Analog Devices Inc. comes with a serial interface, providing a unique solution for industrial control and instrumentation apps
2008-05-06 16bit DAC achieves 1LSB INL, DNL
Linear Technology claims the LTC2755-16, a quad 16bit current output DAC with six software-programmable output ranges, guarantees 16bit linearity
2007-10-15 Precision DACs improve reliability of industrial apps
ADI has unveiled new precision DACs that improve the reliability of industrial process control applications in harsh factory environments, including those operating under extreme temperatures.
2003-09-11 Pentek rolls digital upconverter, FPGA module
Pentek Inc. today announced the industry's first 4-channel DAC, digital upconverter and FPGA module
2004-03-11 Maxim rolls out most compact DACs
Maxim Integrated Products Inc. has disclosed that its MAX5732 to MAX5735 devices are the world's highest precision and most compact 32-channel, 16-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs
2002-02-12 Echotek uses Altera ASSP to power wideband digital transceivers
Powered by Altera's Mercury programmable ASSP, Echotek has released the ECTR-114-B transmitter and ECDR-112-B receiver for wideband digital transmission.
2005-08-22 DACs with 500MS/s update rates
Maxim expanded its high-speed data-converter portfolio by introducing 10 low-power, high-dynamic-performance, pin-compatible, 12-/14-/16-bit, dual digital-to-analog converters with update rates up to 500MS/s
2005-07-14 DACs tout low power
National Semiconductor expanded its data conversion offering with three low-power, pin- and function-compatible 8-, 10- and 12-bit digital-to-analog converters
2002-08-05 AKM multimedia codec consumes lesser power
The AK4564 16-bit codec from Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd uses digital technology during recording to achieve a 30 percent reduction in power consumption compared to previous products
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