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2007-12-11 Tensilica adds trace support to Xtensa, Diamond processors
Tensilica has added an optional full-speed, non-intrusive instruction trace capability to its Diamond Standard and Xtensa configurable processor cores.
2008-08-22 Replacement parts for Intel processors roll
Innovasic Semiconductor has announced production units are shipping for the IA186EB and IA188EB.
2013-01-29 Phoenix-RTOS gets ported to eSi-RISC processors
EnSilica and Phoenix Systems' partnership expands the eSi-RISC ecosystem with an embedded RTOS that can use eSi-RISC's hardware MMU with memory protection and security features.
2007-04-17 Interfacing the ADSP-BF533/ADSP-BF561 Blackfin processors to high-speed parallel ADCs
In addition to providing a simple, low-cost connection to a wide set of communication receivers, the Blackfin processor 16bit PPI port provides a glueless connection to devices that are compliant with Standard 656 of the ITU
2006-02-17 Hardware debug tracer targets ARM processors
IAR announced an addition to its Advanced RISC Machines debug probe product line. This J-Trace hardware debug trace device supports all ARM7 and ARM9 devices with ETM.
2006-04-17 Compatible 8bit, 32bit processors on the way
As more of its customers seek performance headroom, Freescale Semiconductor plans to offer compatible versions of its high-end 8bit and 32bit processors, including software development tools, late this year
2008-06-03 Build video surveillance products with DaVinci processors
In the rapidly expanding video surveillance space, customers are demanding higher resolution, more channels and computationally hungry analyticsall at lower cost and power. In this article, HikVision explains how it built video surveillance products using TI's DaVinci processors
2008-08-27 A new reference for 8/16bit microcontroller system performance
Although 8bit MCUs continue to be the most widely used, the increasing processing requirements of many applications suggest a transition to faster processors. Much publicity is made on 32bit devices expected to bring more MIPS to address new challenges
2009-04-28 8/16bit MCUs claim lowest sleep current
Microchip Technology Inc. has launched its next-generation low-power PIC microcontroller families with nanoWatt XLP eXtreme Low Power Technology for sleep currents as low as 20nA.
2005-04-01 32bit processors take on real-time apps
Processor architectures have evolved to meet the constraints of real-time control applications.
2005-06-01 Parallel implementation of fixed-point FFTs on TigerSHARC processors
This app note explains how the fastest 16bit FFT implementation on the TigerSHARC works, but also provides guidance about algorithm development
2005-03-15 MCUs offer 16bit accuracy in 100KHz
TI's new digital signal controllers combine the real-time performance of its leading DSPs with the peripheral integration, C-language efficiency and ease of use of an MCU.
2004-12-01 Interfacing the MSOP8EVM to MSP430 processors
This app note presents a method for interfacing the modular MSOP8EVM, an EVM for single-channel, low-power, 8bit to 16bit serial analog-to-digital converters, to the MSP430 series microcontrollers
2004-12-01 Interfacing the MSOP8 EVM to TMS320C5x processors
This app note presents a method for interfacing the modular MSOP8 evaluation module (EVM), an EVM for single-channel, low-power, 8bit to 16bit serial analog-to-digital converters to the TMS320C5x series DSKs using a 5-6K interface board
2005-06-10 Interfacing the DAC8831EVM to TMS320C6x processors
This app note presents a method for interfacing the DAC8831, a single-channel, low-power; 16bit serial digital-to-analog converter to the TMS320C6x series DSKs using McBSP0 or McBSP1 and the 5-6K interface board
2005-06-10 Interfacing the DAC8831EVM to TMS320C5x processors
This app note presents a method for interfacing the DAC8831 - a single-channel, low-power, 16bit serial digital-to-analog converter - to the TMS320C5x series DSKs using the McBSP0 and/or McBSP1 and the 5-6K Interface Board
2008-06-19 Ease analog interface to processors via TI ADCs
Texas Instruments Inc. claims its pair of 10V, 16bit ADC offers excellent measurement repeatability and high resolution. Both the ADS8519 and ADS8513 combine a low-power SAR ADC with sample and hold, clock, reference and a serial data interface
2008-07-14 New XAP processor is built for Zigbee, Bluetooth
Cambridge Consultants has devised a new architecture for the latest version of its core for 16bit processors, the XAP5, that includes special features for running programs held in on- or off-chip flash memory.
2014-07-29 Utilising ASOS for the Internet of Things (Part 2)
The second instalment of this series focuses on creating the SynthOS project file, which is a text file defined by the user and has the name project.sop.
2013-06-05 Qualcomm tails Intel as top embedded processor vendor in 2012
Embedded processing is a vast market, estimated to have been worth about $90 billion in 2012, or nearly one-third of the semiconductor total available market, noted Semicast.
2008-06-11 Microchip gives 16-, 32bit development platform hardware boost
Microchip Technology Inc. has announced 10 new application-specific PICtail Plus daughter boards for the Explorer 16 development board platform.
2011-02-01 Korea's Dongbu chooses EnSilica RISC processor
Dongbu HiTek chose the eSi-1600 after evaluating it against other established embedded RISC processors, and proving that it had 20 percent lower gate count and was 36 percent faster
2010-06-25 Interfacing ISP1760; ISP1761 to the Intel PXA25x processor
This application note explains interfacing the ISP1760 and ISP1761 to the Intel PXA250 and PXA255 processors
2007-11-06 Imagination unrolls Meta HTP multithreaded processor
Multimedia processor licensor Imagination Technologies Group plc has announced Meta HTP, an implementation of the second generation of its multithreading Meta processor architecture.
2007-02-16 Emulate SIMD in software
This article will give some examples of how to implement software-based SIMD, and quantify the processing speed-up you can achieve with this technique.
2007-02-26 Design low-power multiprocessor chips
The demand for higher performance and more features has only served to increase total system power consumption.
2007-06-08 Chips roll for Linux embedded designs
Atmel Corp. introduces the AT32AP7001, a member of the AVR 32 AP7 family of application processors optimized for cost constrained, Linux-based embedded designs
2007-05-24 ARM processor optimized for 130nm process
Optimized for Dongbu's processing at the 130nm node, the newly added ARM IP added to Dongbu HiTek's portfolio enables reduced time and cost in designing SoC solutions
2007-06-08 32bit dual-MAC DSP cores target 2.5G, 3G baseband
CEVA Inc. has introduced the CEVA-TeakLite-III family of DSP cores and the first three family members aimed at 2.5G and 3G cellular baseband.
2009-03-25 'First' functional Cortex-M0 to be revealed
NXP Semiconductors will demo what it claims is the first functional ARM Cortex-M0 silicon. The company plans to introduce in 2010 the Cortex-M0 processor-based LPC1100 series, which will target battery applications, e-metering, consumer peripherals, remote sensors and virtually all 16bit applications
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