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2007-04-02 SFI-4.1 16-channel SDR interface with bus alignment
This application note describes an SFI-4.1 interface, a 16-channel, source-synchronous LVDS interface operating at single data rate (SDR). The transmitter (TX) requires 16 LVDS pairs for data and one LVDS pair for the forwarded clock. The transmitter operates at 4:1 serialization on each of the 16 data channels. The receiver (RX) also requires 16 LVDS pairs for data and one LVDS pair for the source-synchronous clock input. The receiver operates at 1:4 deserialization on each of the 16 data channels. The timing of the receiver is described in depth and characterized in hardware.
2014-08-21 Sampling 16-channel SAR with 8-channel PSoC
Here is how to build a 1Mbit/s 16-channel successive approximation register-based ADC with a Cypress PSoC 4, which has a built-in SAR multiplexer but only supports eight channels.
2003-03-10 LSP2916 16-Channel, High-Voltage Amplifier Evaluation Board
This application note describes the features and functions of the LSP2916 High-Voltage Amplifier Evaluation Board.
2004-05-18 Linear releases 8kHz, 16-channel ADC
In a bid to provide systems designers with a dramatic improvement in accuracy, precision and drift, Linear Technology Corp. has presented its latest 8kHz, 16-channel delta-sigma ADC, the LTC2449.
2008-05-13 Demonstration/evaluation tool for CAT4016 16-channel constant-current LED driver
This document describes the CAT4016 demonstration/evaluation tool for Catalyst Semiconductor's CAT4016 LED driver.
2002-05-28 ADI offers 32-channel/dual-16-channel MUXs
Analog Devices Inc. has announced the availability of a series of CMOS 32-channel/dual-16-channel analog multiplexer ICs that addresses the growing port count demand of telecom network systems.
2008-02-12 8/16-channel DAQ cards aim at PCIe
Strategic Test has announced two 250kHz, 16bit DAQ cards for PCIe, namely the UF2e-4721 and UF2e-4020.
2008-01-03 16-channel switches promise high-resolution imaging
Supertex has released two high voltage, 16-channel analog switchesHV2631 and HV2731aimed at medical ultrasound diagnostic imaging equipment and non-destructive testing applications.
2009-09-10 16-channel LED drivers provide high ESD protection
Toshiba has released a new family of integrated constant current LED drivers that offer very high levels of ESD protection while significantly reducing component count and board space.
2007-10-09 16-channel LED driver works in large video displays
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has fortified its lineup of LED drivers with the introduction of the first member of a new family tailored for large LED video displays.
2007-03-16 16-channel LED driver features error diagnostics
austriamicrosystems has introduced the AS1110, a 16-channel, constant-current LED driver with error diagnostics for open and shorted LEDs.
2008-01-16 16-channel LED driver caters to full-color apps
austriamicrosystems has beefed up its LED driver portfolio with the release of the AS1112 16-channel LED driver aimed at full-color applications such as LED video displays, LCD TV backlighting, indoor/outdoor LED displays and large-size stadium displays.
2008-07-03 16-channel I?C LED blinker joins Catalyst bus lineup
Catalyst Semiconductor Inc. has added a 16-channel I?C/SMBus LED driver/blinker to its line of bus products.
2011-06-14 16-channel EL driver offers high voltage output
Supertex has released a dimmable 16-channel EL lamp driver designed to deliver high-voltage output to EL lamps for backlighting cellular phone keypads and other mobile devices.
2011-06-24 HVCMOS analog switches operate up to 200V
Supertex introduces the HV2605, HV2705 and HV2706, 16-channel analog switch ICs with HVCMOS technology for applications that use low voltage logic signals to control high voltage switching.
2009-06-03 Using signaling rate and transfer rate
This application note defines data signaling rate and data transfer rate, and it demonstrates the differences between them, with SN65LVDS386 and SN65LVDS387 16-channel low-voltage differential (LVDS) line drivers and receivers with random parallel data of various bandwidths as an example.
2003-02-14 UCF purchases Essex hyperfine WDM unit
Essex Corp. has sold one of its hyperfine WDM 16-channel, 6.25GHz mux/demux prototype to the University of Central Florida (UCF) School of Optics/CREOL.
2005-11-09 TI ADC delivers 23.7kSPS channel cycle rate, 42?s latency
Texas Instruments announced a 16-channel, 24-bit ADC which promises the fastest channel cycle rate and lowest latency in its class
2005-05-04 Switch with low parasitic capacitance
The HV238 from Supertex is a 220V 16-channel high voltage analog switch IC with output bleed resistors.
2005-10-24 Resistors reduce switch noise
Supertex rolled out two new low charge injection, 16-channel, 200V analog switch ICs that tout improved density and performance.
2005-04-06 Pentek rolls new Model 7131 version
Pentek announced a new version of its Model 7131 16-channel multiband digital receiver PMC module that features two 14bit 105MHz A/Ds and four quad digital receivers.
2003-04-15 Pentek delivers PCI multiband digital receiver
The company has announced the availability of a 16-channel PCI multiband digital receiver that features two 14-bit 80MHz or 105MHz ADCs.
2008-01-10 NI unrolls sound, vibration tools for interactive DAQ
NI has announced the NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite Version 6.0 and the NI PXI-4495, its newest 16-channel DAQ module for sound and vibration.
2006-05-05 Maxim unveils bidirectional logic-level translators for portable apps
Maxim's 16-channel CMOS logic-level translators are inherently bidirectional in design, thus reducing pin count and making these devices ideal for portable equipment applications.
2005-07-11 LIUs reduce power, board space
Integrated Device Technology introduced a new family of high-density line interface units that includes 28- (82P2828BH), 21- (82P2821BH) and 16-channel (82P2816BB) options in ultra-small packages.
2005-12-26 LIU unit targets media gateways
Exar introduced a 16-channel E1 LIU targeted at multi-service provisioning platforms, access devices, media gateways, routers and frame relay access devices.
2007-11-12 LED drivers offer dot correction, grayscale functions
Texas Instruments has introduced two 16-channel, constant-current sink, LED drivers with dot correction and grayscale on one IC for high-quality video.
2007-02-27 LED driver features advanced error diagnostics
The AS1110 16-channel constant current LED driver austriamicrosystems has advanced error diagnostics that's easy and intuitive to use.
2009-01-07 LED controllers cut power dissipation in flat LCD TVs
austriamicrosystems has extended its portfolio of specialized LED drivers and controllers for the latest generation of LCD TV backlighting with the AS3693B 16 channel LED controller IC.
2005-03-31 LCD drivers suit large displays
The two 16-channel, constant-current sink LED drivers from TI support complex power requirements needed by LEDs in large display electronics.
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