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2004-07-13 Winbond eyes Nanya as possible 1T SRAM partner
Winbond Electronics Corp. is considering Nanya Technology Corp. as its 1T SRAM partner.
2006-11-20 VeriSilicon, MoSys partner to expand 1T-SRAM adoption
VeriSilicon Holdings Co. Ltd and MoSys Inc. are joining efforts to further increase the adoption of MoSys' proprietary 1T-SRAM technology by providing seamless access to the patented technology.
2002-11-22 UMC licenses MoSys 1T-SRAM
United Microelectronics Corp. has licensed MoSys Inc.'s 1T-SRAM technology as part of the foundry's IP strategy to offer SoC designers memories that are more tightly aligned with its processes.
2010-02-02 ROHM, MoSys ink 1T-SRAM license deal
MoSys Inc. announced that ROHM Co. Ltd has signed a major technology license agreement for MoSys' 1T-SRAM embedded memory technology.
2002-10-17 NEC extends license of MoSys 1T-SRAM technology
NEC Corp. has extended its license agreement with MoSys Inc., concerning the latter's 1T-SRAM memory technologies.
2005-04-27 MoSys, Fujitsu extend 1T-SRAM technology agreement
MoSys Inc. has extended its partnership with Fujitsu Ltd to incorporate MoSys' 1T-SRAM technology into high volume semiconductor devices for portable consumer applications manufactured on Fujitsu's 90nm process generation.
2003-01-21 MoSys' 1T-SRAM-R: silicon-proven on UMC logic process
United Microelectronics Corp. has announced that MoSys Inc.'s 1T-SRAM-R technology incorporating Transparent Error Correction is silicon-proven in its 0.135m logic process.
2004-07-09 MoSys licenses 1T-SRAM-R embedded memory to Open-Silicon
MoSys Inc. has licensed the 1T-SRAM-R embedded memory technology to Open-Silicon Inc. MoSys' patented technology will enable Open-Silicon to provide its customers with high-quality ASICs containing embedded memory, which will be fabricated in a standard logic process.
2005-09-28 MoSys 1T-SRAM targets high-volume consumer apps
MoSys Inc. has announced the licensing of its 1T-SRAM high-density embedded memory technology by LG Electronics for high-volume consumer electronic applications.
2002-02-27 Cypress taps ProMOS for 1T SRAM technology
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. and ProMOS Technology Inc. will codevelop pseudostatic RAMs based on a single-transistor cell for use in cell phones and other mobile applications.
2004-03-31 Synopsys CEO defends MoSys acquisition
Responding to user questions on a variety of topics, Aart de Geus, Synopsys CEO, defended his company's proposed acquisition of MoSys in a new E-Mail Synopsys User's Group (ESNUG) mailing.
2003-02-17 NEC, Mosys push bounds of embedded DRAM
NEC Electronics introduces its DRAM capacitor as Mosys launches its 1T-SRAM-Q technology designed to usher the next phase of on-chip memory evolution.
2002-07-17 MoSys SRAM program adds seven new members
MoSys Inc. has announced that seven companies have recently joined the MoSys 1T-SRAM Design Services Alliance.
2004-07-30 Mosys makes 0.13?m memories with Chartered, SMIC
Monolithic System Technology Inc. (Mosys), a developer of embedded memory technology available for license, has ported its so-called 1T-SRAM-Q quad-density memory to the 0.13?m industry-standard logic process at Singaporean foundry Chartered Semiconductor Mfg Ltd, Mosys said Tuesday (July 27, 2004).
2002-11-13 MoSys licenses memory to Hitachi
MoSys Inc. has licensed its 1T-SRAM embedded memory technology to Hitachi Ltd to be integrated into the latter's range of semiconductor products.
2002-09-06 MoSys completes acquisition of ATMOS
MoSys Inc. has completed the acquisition of Canada-based ATMOS Semiconductor Corp.
2004-12-02 K-Micro adds MoSys embedded memory to its ASIC portfolio
Kawasaki Microelectronics (K-Micro) and MoSys Inc. have signed a licensing agreement that will add MoSys' 1T-SRAM embedded memory technology to K-Micro's ASIC IP portfolio.
2002-11-27 Hitachi adopts MoSys embedded memory
Hitachi Information Technology Co. Ltd has licensed MoSys Inc.'s 1T-SRAM-R embedded memory technology.
2004-01-28 Fujitsu licenses MoSys embedded memory
Fujitsu Ltd has licensed MoSys' quad density 1T-SRAM-Q technology for use on its 0.13?m logic process.
2003-02-24 ACD licenses MoSys SRAM memory technology
MoSys Inc. has licensed its 1T-SRAM embedded memory technology to Advanced Communication Devices Corp.
2003-04-23 Xyratex uses MoSys memory on next-gen products
U.K.-based Xyratex Technology Ltd has licensed MoSys Inc.'s 1T-SRAM embedded memory technology.
2003-05-21 SMIC silicon verifies MoSys memory technology
Semiconductor Mfg Int. Corp. has announced that they have silicon verified MoSys Inc.'s 1T-SRAM memory technology on its 0.185m standard logic process.
2002-09-19 National Semiconductor licenses MoSys memory technology
National Semiconductor has licensed MoSys Inc.'s 1T-SRAM embedded memory technology to enable the incorporation of National's memory blocks into their future cellular baseband SoCs.
2003-11-27 MoSys ports SRAM technology to NEC 90nm process
MoSys Inc. announced the initial silicon verification of its 1T-SRAM-R memory technology on NEC Electronics' 90nm standard logic process.
2003-07-23 MoSys memory silicon-verified by Chartered
MoSys and Chartered Semiconductor have announced that MoSys' 1T-SRAM-R memory technology incorporating TEC has been silicon proven in Chartered's 0.13?m baseline logic process.
2004-01-22 MoSys memory integrated in Lantronix chips
SoC embedded memory solutions provider MoSys has announced that Lantronix Inc. has begun producing chips containing MoSys' 1T-SRAM embedded memory technology.
2003-05-28 LogicVision memory features MoSys BIST
LogicVision Inc. partnered with MoSys Inc. and has fully qualified the combination of the latter's 1T-SRAM family of embedded memories.
2003-11-07 Chartered Semiconductor adopts MoSys SRAM technology
Chartered Semiconductor Mfg and MoSys Inc. have entered into an agreement to qualify and offer MoSys' quad density 1T-SRAM-Q technology on Chartered's 0.13&181;m process.
2004-01-21 Two IP vendors pave the road to low power
The push for low-power ICs in advanced processes has produced little consensus beyond the notion that no single fix will do.
2003-04-30 Sony integrates MoSys memory into products
Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corp. has signed a licensing agreement with MoSys Inc.
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