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2002-12-20 Using the DS2480B serial 1-Wire line driver
This application note identifies common 1-Wire operations and explains the input serial packets and interpretation of output serial packets for the DS2480B
2002-11-26 Printed Circuit Board identification using 1-Wire products
This application note discusses how to implement PCB identification for plug and play capability using the company's 1-Wire devices
2002-12-20 DS1963S SHA 1-Wire API Users Guide
This application note is designed to familiarize 1-Wire software developers with the APIs for producing secure SHA applications
2002-12-11 Challenge and Response with 1-Wire SHA Devices
This application note describes how to program and implement a challenge and response algorithm for the 1-Wire SHA devices
2002-12-20 Extending 1-Wire range with network proxies
This application note covers a methodology for extending the 1-Wire range to a limit of near infinity using proxies
2004-06-22 Dallas rolls out its first I?C to 1-wire line driver
Dallas introduced its first I?C to 1-wire line driver with one (DS2482-100) or eight (DS2482-800) channels of independently operated 1-wire I/O ports
2002-12-11 Autoconfiguration of 1-Wire Modular Systems
This application note describes autoconfiguration methods on 1-Wire nets
2002-12-20 1-Wire Software Resource Guide Device Description
This application note provides the overview of the available resources and a selection guide for the more the company's various 1-Wire devices
2004-11-23 1-wire master device configuration
This app note presents a method to dynamically configure the 1-wire master to correctly communicate with a previously unknown 1-wire device type by providing the 1-wire master with an XML configuration file.
2008-06-11 1-Wire communication with PIC microcontroller
Sashavalli Maniyar introduces users to the 1-Wire communication protocol, as well as describes how a 1-Wire device can be interfaced with PIC MCUs.
2002-12-20 SHA iButton API Overview
This application note provides an overview for implementing applications of digital identification and transactions using SHA iButtons.
2002-12-20 DS2890 and fluoroscent lighting control
This application note describes an example lighting control system based on a 1-Wire network with DS2890 digital potentiometers
2007-02-14 Temperature sensor delivers 0.5C accuracy
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS28EA00, a digital temperature sensor with 0.5C accuracy.
2004-05-19 Dallas unveils 1Kb single-wire EEPROM
Dallas Semiconductor Corp. has introduced the DS2431, 1Kb single-wire EEPROM.
2008-03-18 LED driver eases interface control for backlighting
The new CAT3637 from Catalyst addresses the requirements for high-efficiency and easy LED programming in portable products, with 10-percent higher efficiency and a simple, 1-wire EZDim interface control
2006-04-07 Exar announces first integrated 8bit UART, RS-232 transceiver
Exar unveiled what it touts as the industry's first 8bit UART and RS-232 transceiver combination device family
2004-10-19 Dallas EEPROM targets central office switches, enterprise servers
Dallas introduced its first 1-Wire product with external address inputs, which can be used to identify and configure the physical location of the device.
2005-01-24 Dallas digital thermometer with unique 64bit ROM ID
Dallas Semiconductor introduced a programmable resolution 1-wire digital thermometer with a 4bit ID
2014-07-22 Cloud sol'n aimed at automation, installation markets
The ModBerry device from Techbase is equipped with a 700MHz Broadcom processor, along with 512MB of RAM and 4GB NAND flash storage, and offers multi-levelled user access cloud management
2008-05-12 CAT3612EVAL1 evaluation board for CAT3612 camera flash LED driver
This document describes the CAT3612EVAL1 evaluation/demonstration board for Catalyst's CAT3612, a 300mA flash LED driver with 1-wire interface
2013-04-24 USB 3.0/WiFi MSO debuted by
The USBee QX is a 600MHz MSO with 24 digital channels and 4 analogue channels and captures up to 32 days of traces and displays protocols in human readable format to save man-days of debug time.
2009-12-08 Prototype peripheral board eases FPGA design
Altium has released a new prototyping peripheral add-on board for its NanoBoard FPGA-based development boards that does away with having to create special, custom PCBs for circuit prototyping.
2006-06-30 NI unveils 'highest-voltage' PXI switch module
National Instruments has announced a PXI switch module capable of routing signals up to 600V, touted to be the industry's highest.
2006-01-24 New stand-alone fuel gauge from Dallas
Dallas Semiconductor's DS2781 stand-alone fuel gauge calculates remaining capacity for 1- or 2-cell Li+ and Li+ polymer battery packs.
2008-04-24 MPUs integrate flexible interface modules
Digi International has introduced the NS9215 and NS9210 NET+ARM microprocessors featuring Flexible Interface Modules that provide different hardware interfaces based on the needs of the product or application.
2008-02-11 LED drivers for backlights extend mobile battery life
Leadis has started sampling a new family of charge-pump-based LED drivers that uses the company's PowerLite current regulator to deliver up to 95 percent power efficiency for longer battery life.
2006-04-19 LED driver maximizes battery life
Catalyst expanded its family of LED drivers with the CAT3612, a fully programmable, 300mA camera flash LED driver.
2008-02-22 Leadis ships samples of 6-channel LED driver
A charge-pump based 6-channel LED driver with an industry-standard I?C interface is available for sampling from Leadis Technology Inc.
2011-09-05 Green LED as substitute for LDO regulator
Learn how a single green LED can replace a 1.8V LDO regulator in a level-translator circuit.
2005-02-02 GPIO protects against power fault conditions
Dallas unveiled its first dual-channel, programmable GPIO that protects against possible power fault conditions in end apps.
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