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2006-12-01 Xilinx FPGA IFF copy protection with 1-Wire SHA-1 secure memories
This application note how the Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) authentication concept in conjunction with secure memories provides secure control and copy protection of FPGA designs. The IFF approach also enables the implementation of soft-feature management and board identification.
2002-12-20 Using the DS2480B serial 1-Wire line driver
This application note identifies common 1-Wire operations and explains the input serial packets and interpretation of output serial packets for the DS2480B.
2001-04-06 Using Dallas' 1-wire chips in 1-cell Li+ battery packs with low-side n-channel safety FETs
This application note addresses the implementation of a Dallas Semiconductor-based Li-ion (Li+) battery pack with low-side n-channel safety FETs.
2003-05-27 Using a UART to implement a 1-Wire Bus Master
This application note describes the required electrical interface, configuration, and timing relationship between Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) and 1-Wire signals.
2013-03-25 Understand DS1WM synthesisable 1-Wire bus master
Read about the DS1WM, a synthesisable 1-Wire master that can be implemented in an ASIC or FPGA.
2002-10-17 Ultra-Reliable 1-Wire Communications
This application note will discuss techniques that can be used by programmers to increase the reliability of 1-Wire communications.
2002-11-26 Supplying power via the 1-Wire bus
This application note reviews some methods for providing power on the net, including a technique for accumulating low-level energy and releasing it as high energy burst on demand, via the 1-Wire bus.
2002-11-20 Programming 1-Wire EPROM and EEPROM Memory Devices Using a PC
This application discusses how to program the DS243x series EEPROM and DS250x EPROM devises in a PC-based environment.
2002-10-17 Printed Circuit Board Identification Using 1-Wire Products
This application note discusses the two ways to identify a PCB using 1-Wire products.
2002-11-26 Printed Circuit Board identification using 1-Wire products
This application note discusses how to implement PCB identification for plug and play capability using the company's 1-Wire devices.
2004-06-21 Minimal remote 1-wire master protocol
This app note suggests a solution that can be easily solved in a simplified manner by inserting a transport layer in the driver software, which operates with a uniform frame buffer format.
2002-12-06 Interfacing the DS2760 1-Wire High Precision Li-Ion Battery monitor in a Microcontroller Environment
This application note discusses how to use one wire to interface the DS2760 to a microcontroller.
2003-12-20 Interfacing the DS18x20/DS1822 1-Wire Temperature Sensor in a Microcontroller Environment
This application note shows how to interface the DS18x20 or DS1822 temperature sensor to a microcontroller.
2002-11-26 Interfacing the 1-Wire master to an ARM7 processor
This application note demonstrates how to interface the DS1WM to an ARM7 processor and how to communicate to devices in the 1-Wire bus with standard C routines.
2009-07-14 How to use the DS2482 I2C 1-Wire master
This document is a user's guide for the DS2482 I2C 1-Wire line driver, and provides detailed communication sessions for common 1-Wire master operations.
2002-11-26 Guidelines for reliable 1-Wire networks
This application note lists the topologies and interfaces for 1-Wire networks and provides working parameters for reliable network operation.
2002-12-20 Extending 1-Wire range with network proxies
This application note covers a methodology for extending the 1-Wire range to a limit of near infinity using proxies.
2001-04-09 Embedding the 1-wire master
This application note shows how to incorporate the DS1WM 1-Wire Master into a user's ASIC design.
2002-12-20 DS1963S SHA 1-Wire API Users Guide
This application note is designed to familiarize 1-Wire software developers with the APIs for producing secure SHA applications.
2004-06-22 Dallas rolls out its first I?C to 1-wire line driver
Dallas introduced its first I?C to 1-wire line driver with one (DS2482-100) or eight (DS2482-800) channels of independently operated 1-wire I/O ports.
2002-10-17 Creating Global Identifiers Using 1-Wire Devices
This application note explains how to take advantage of generic and customized 1-Wire devices and well as UniqueWare ri create and manage unique identifiers.
2001-04-09 Communicating through the 1-wire master
This application note steps through a theoretical situation that will utilize every function of the 1-Wire Master for example purposes.
2009-05-19 Choosing the right 1-Wire master for embedded applications
This application note presents four categories of 1-Wire master circuits for embedded applications and discusses their capabilities and requirements in relation to available (i.e. unused) system resources.
2002-12-11 Challenge and Response with 1-Wire SHA Devices
This application note describes how to program and implement a challenge and response algorithm for the 1-Wire SHA devices
2002-12-11 Autoconfiguration of 1-Wire Modular Systems
This application note describes autoconfiguration methods on 1-Wire nets.
2002-12-20 1-Wire Tagging with XML
This document presents a 1-Wire Tag Format that describes the associations, groupings, and sensing operations involved in 1-Wire Tagging
2002-12-20 1-Wire Software Resource Guide Device Description
This application note provides the overview of the available resources and a selection guide for the more the company's various 1-Wire devices.
2002-12-06 1-Wire Search Algorithm
This application note explains the 1-Wire search algorithm in detail and provides and example implementation for rapid integration.
2004-11-23 1-wire master device configuration
This app note presents a method to dynamically configure the 1-wire master to correctly communicate with a previously unknown 1-wire device type by providing the 1-wire master with an XML configuration file.
2008-06-11 1-Wire communication with PIC microcontroller
Sashavalli Maniyar introduces users to the 1-Wire communication protocol, as well as describes how a 1-Wire device can be interfaced with PIC MCUs.
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